Jalen Ramsey reveals what fans can expect from his week one matchup with Odell Beckham Jr

On Thursday night, football finally returns as the NFL preseason kicks off. 

The Chicago Bears and Baltimore Ravens meet in the traditional Hall of Fame Game, which doesn’t just signal the start of the new season – but it also kicks off enshrinement week too. 

Although the Bears and Ravens are in action this week, other NFL teams will have to wait until August 9th to get back on the field. 


Preseason is often exciting for football fans as it marks the end of the NFL’s six-month offseason. 

But of course, results don’t really matter and the games are widely used to get players back up to speed and test out the latest class of rookies in competitive situations. 

Therefore, things will only really start to heat up next month, when the regular season kicks off for real. 

In week one, we have some massive matchups – and the league will start as it means to go on.

One of the games that has caught the eye takes place on September 9, when the New York Giants host the Jacksonville Jaguars. 


Now, this game was always going to be a monumental clash between the Jags, who exceeded expectation in 2017 and the Giants, who were very poor last time out. 

But on top of that, week one will see two of the NFL’s most exciting players line up, directly against one another. 

On offense, New York’s star wide receiver, Odell Beckham Jr, will be trying to get his team rolling from day one. 

But Jacksonville’s Pro Bowler, Jalen Ramsey, will be trying to keep him locked up all game long. 

That won’t just be a matchup between two of the leagues most exciting offensive and defensive players, but it’s also a clash between two big talkers. 


Although we may still be over a month away from seeing Ramsey vs Beckham Jr go head-to-head – that hasn’t stopped one of them from talking it up already.

During training camp earlier this week, Jalen was asked to preview his matchup against the Giants biggest star – and he’s got high expectations. 

“Let’s get this out the way right now, he’s a good receiver, we all know that,” the Jaguars cornerback said. 

“But you all know me at the same time. He’s good. But I’m good too. You can say he’s the best in his position, I’m the best in my position. We’re going to give people a show.”

It sounds like Ramsey is already well prepared for his matchup against Beckham Jr – and judging by his comments, it could be the best of the season, let alone just week one. 

Roll on September, because that’s a show we all need to see. 

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