Dillian Whyte rates and reviews the other top heavyweights in the world

Dillian Whyte v Joseph Parker

Fresh from a unanimous victory over New Zealand's Joseph Parker, Dillian Whyte has been giving his verdict on the current heavyweight landscape and who he'd like to fight.

Echoing a similar list he proffered back in March, Whyte has been quick to praise those in the pecking order.

"My top five heavyweights would be Anthony Joshua, Deontay Wilder, me, Tyson Fury and Joseph Parker."

Currently ranked third in the Transnational Boxing Ranking Board of current active heavyweights, Whyte identified fellow Briton Anthony Joshua, as the boxer he wants to fight most.

Whyte wants a second go at Joshua - after their entertaining clash in 2015 - but feels that he needs a couple of fights before that date. Ideally, he'd like a match-up with Tyson Fury or Manuel Charr in December before once again pitting his skills against his old rival.

On his fellow British heavyweight, Whyte told Sky Sports that a fight against AJ is the biggest fight in town and one he covets.

"It's the biggest fight out there at the minute, let's see if we can get it made. It gives away my strategy if I say how I would beat him, I just know I will beat him when the time comes. I always want to fight AJ, he'll be at the top of my list for my whole life.

"Where me and Joshua are concerned, it doesn't matter where it is, it could be an empty room, it will still be the same nerve and tension, the same everything.

"It could be one person, 10 people or 10,000 people watching, it's the same. We have that inner thing, we just want to hurt each other."


His comments on the 'Bronze Bomber' - America's Deontay Wilder, the current WBO heavyweight champion are a little less complimentary.

"Wilder does not want to fight anyone who can hurt him, someone dangerous. I'm proven and resilient. 

"With Wilder, I just have to clip him once or twice and it'll be over, he will not be able to stand up to the pressure and power I will bring. You've seen the power I carry late on in the fight and I know he would not be able to deal with it."

Fighting talk indeed, but there might be an element of truth in his view on the American. Wilder seems reluctant to fight anyone of note, certainly not where he'd have to travel. 

He seems much happier defending his title by launching verbal assaults on Twitter rather than getting in the ring.

Deontay Wilder v Luis Ortiz

Regarding the returning Tyson Fury, Whyte would like to tempt the Gypsy King away from facing Wilder.

"Fury is a joker, he's a mess, mentally and physically, he's irrelevant right now. He's saying he wants to fight Wilder, I think he is talking rubbish. If he wants a real fight, I am here, let's get it on in December. It's more realistic, him fighting me."

On his most recent opponent, Joseph Parker, Whyte is a lot more respectful.

"Parker did great against me, it's the best I've seen of him so far. He turned up and threw shots with me, stood in the pocket, we traded, there were knockdowns and we carried on fighting. He will do well in the future and carry on fighting." 

Dillian Whyte v Joseph Parker

There are other fighters Whyte suggests are contenders, including Dereck Chisora, by modern standards a short heavyweight at just over 6-feet tall.

Whyte feels he did well against Carlos Takam last weekend. "The donkey showed he's still got a strong kick. I have nothing bad to say about him, I thought he would beat Takam and he did."

He finished with the undeniable fact of boxing in the heavyweight division,

"It is the heavyweight division, things change and these fights can happen. Let's wait and see."

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