Footage of Bologna's clever goalkeeper training drills has emerged

  • Rob Swan

It’s common knowledge that you have to be a little bit mad to be a goalkeeper.

Aside from being a referee, it’s easily the most thankless job in football.

However, no team will win anything without a decent keeper. They’re absolutely essential to any successful side.

In fact, they’re even more important these days, as football continues to evolve.

Just look at how Ederson has helped transform Manchester City over the past 12 months. Pep Guardiola signed the Brazil international not just because of his excellent shot-saving abilities, but also his stunning distribution and impressive range of passing.

For the same reasons, Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp has just broken the world transfer record for a goalkeeper on another Brazilian, Alisson Becker from AS Roma.

Klopp knew that recruiting a world-class goalkeeper was essential after Loris Karius cost Liverpool two shocking goals in May’s Champions League final.

Footage of Bologna’s clever training ground drills

The pressure on the shoulders of goalkeepers at the top level is immense, as Karius will testify, but that’s just part and parcel with playing in that position.

However, Italian side Bologna have come up with a unique set of training drills to help spare their goalkeepers from any unnecessary embarrassment or scrutiny in matches.

A video has emerged which shows Bologna’s keepers being put through their paces with several difficult drills, which replicate deflections in real-game situations.

The footage has gone viral on social media, which suggests a lot of football fans believe creative drills such as these would benefit other goalkeepers.

Let’s check out some of the reaction to the video…

Surely more professional football clubs should be doing training drills like these to help their goalkeepers?

Stopping deflected shots from hitting the back of the net is one of the toughest tasks for a goalkeeper.

But drills designed specifically to help keepers deal with deflection can only benefit them in the long run.

What do you think of these training exercises? Have your say below.

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