LeBron James did something in 2018 playoffs that Kobe Bryant never did in his entire career

LeBron James decided this summer that he wants to create a new legacy when he decided to opt out of his Cleveland Cavaliers contract and sign a four-year deal with the Los Angeles Lakers.

There will be huge expectations on LeBron in Los Angeles, as he’ll have to meet up to the same standards as Lakers legends before him such as Kobe Bryant.

If there is one department in which both James and Bryant shine in, it has to be in the playoffs. Both are well known for turning it on and bringing incredible performances for their respective teams in the postseason.

However, there’s one thing which LeBron was able to do in the playoffs last season which Kobe wasn’t able to do at any point throughout his career at the Lakers.

According to Reddit user Celticsfor18th, James recorded a 40 or more game score in three playoff games in 2018. These occurred in Game 2 of the first round vs Indiana Pacers, Game 2 of the second round vs Toronto Raptors, and Game 1 of the NBA Finals vs Golden State Warriors.

Bryant has two career playoff games with a 40 or more game score. These occurred in Game 2 of the first round vs Denver Nuggets in 2008 and Game 1 of the second round vs Sacramento Kings in 2001.

Also, James is now responsible for three of the six 40-plus game score playoff performances of all time, with the other two players who achieved this accomplishment being Karl Malone and Chris Paul.

This just goes to show how well LeBron is able to take care of his body even at the age he is, as he is still able to be productive on the court even at the age of 33. He essentially carried the Cavaliers to the NBA Finals last season, which is amazing.

If he’s able to replicate this kind of production during his four-year stay in Los Angeles, he’s going to end up as a Lakers legend by the end of his contract.

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