Madden 19: A look at what happens in Longshot: Homecoming


In Madden 18, EA Sports debuted Longshot - an all-new story mode that followed the early football careers of best friends Devin Wade and Colt Cruise. 

It instantly grabbed the attention of gamers and after much success last year, the popular story returns in Madden 19. 

Longshot: Homecoming is the second chapter in the lives of Devin and Colt and this time around, it goes deeper than ever, both on and off the field. 

With the game dropping on August 10, GiveMeSport can give you an early look at Longshot, with a quick rundown of the story and the best new features to look out for.    


In Madden 18, gamers picked up the story of quarterback Wade and wide receiver Cruise, who were struggling to make it into the NFL after a poor showing at the Combine. 

As the game progressed, Devin was given a final shot at glory after competing on the "Longshot" television series, one that aimed to turn him into an NFL draftee against the odds.

Last year's game mode ends with either one or both men being drafted into the league - depending on how gamers played through the game.  

But don't worry - the decisions you made (or didn't make) in Madden 18 do not affect the Homecoming storyline.


So with the scene set, let's jump into Madden 19's Longshot. 


Homecoming picks off one year after the events of the first installment - and things haven't exactly been going well for Devin or Colt. 

Both men were cut from the NFL, meaning gamers pick up two characters who are fighting for their futures in football.   


Although this year's chapter doesn't follow on directly from Madden 18, one theme is constant - you'll always be battling the odds.

For Wade, that means he has to impress in tryouts and pre-season for the Dallas Cowboys, the one NFL team that decided to take a chance on him.

Cruise embarks on a slightly different journey, returning to his hometown of Mathis, Texas - which is on the brink itself. 

Colt and Devin's high school team, the Mathis Bulldogs, is in danger of being relocated after a hurricane hits the town.


Rather than chasing his dream of joining Wade in the NFL, it soon becomes clear that Cruise is better suited to staying in Texas - and is tasked of saving the team that gave so much to him. 

We won't spoil the story too much - but it's important to note that there are two storylines to this year's game - one following Devin and the other following Colt. 


As the "Homecoming" title suggests, in Madden 19, it's Cruise who takes center stage, rather than Wade - as he returns to lead a new era of Mathis football in his hometown.


Of course, there's plenty of NFL action from Devin's point of view, but football almost takes a back seat for Cruise, who takes on a coaching role upon his return to the Bullfrogs.

Thanks to the immersive, emotion storyline that EA have built around Colt this year, at points, you'll almost forget you're playing Madden at all. 


Even though Cruise becomes the Bullfrogs coach, gamers will still take control of his high school team, running the plays that he calls from the sideline. 


In fact, improvement to gameplay had been one of the features that Madden fans wanted to see most in this year's Longshot - and that's exactly what they've got.  

A lack of time on the field was one of the story mode's criticisms in Madden 18 - but that's been rectified in Homecoming. 

Not only will you spend a lot more time on the pitch, both in high school and NFL games - you'll also have the opportunity to spend more time training, to learn how to get the most out of a struggling Wade. 


But it's not only the quarterback who you can control this year. Because in Madden 19, you can occasionally control Colt as a WR, as well as the Bullfrogs offense and defense on important plays. 

On top of spending more time on the field in the Longshot mode, its immersive storyline can also cross over to other game modes this year.

You can continue Wade's career in Franchise - and attempt to guide him to Super Bowl glory, while extra Bullfrog matches are available in Ultimate Team once the story is finished. 



Longshot is not all about Colt and Devin though. Once again this year, EA have done a great job including a number of very famous faces in the story mode.  

Look out for cameo appearances from the likes of Deshaun Watson, Tom Brady and of course, cover athlete Antonio Brown. 


When Madden 19 drops next week, most fans will jump straight into Franchise or Ultimate Team.

But Longshot shouldn't be overlooked. Its debut last year was very successful, but thanks to improvements in gameplay and a deeper storyline, it's even better in Madden 19.  


So don't be afraid to plunge into story mode first, when the game drops. 

EA SPORTS Madden NFL 19 is available on PS4 and Xbox One on August 10, and available now with Origin Access. 

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