Details from Tyson Fury's recent sparring session with Kem Ljungquist emerge

Carl Frampton and Tyson Fury Media Workout

Tyson Fury's second fight of the year is just around the corner, as the Gypsy King shapes up for his bout with Francesca Pianeta.

On paper, the match-up should result in a straightforward win for Fury, who is still building up steam after an extended lay-off from the sport.

The media storm building up to the event has been a rife with various stories, from Fury knocking out his trainer Ben Davison, to continuous rumours of a possible meeting with Deontay Wilder towards the end of the year.

The latest news comes from sparring partner Danish heavyweight Kem Ljungquist, who has opened up on what it was like to face the rejuvenated Gypsy King and has described Fury as 'something special'.

Having originally had a planned meeting with Gennadi Mentsikainen called off due to injury, Ljunqquist was being kept on his toes with the experience of sparring a former world champion.

"It was a great experience sharing the ring with Tyson Fury," the Dane (pictured on the left below) said, per World Boxing News.

"He really impressed me. He's light on his legs with good movement and really hard to hit. A very awkward fighter.

"He is even sparring without a head guard because he’s almost never hit. I think I gave a good account of myself, and I made it back to Denmark in one piece!

The two fighters are at opposite points of their respective careers, with Fury returning to the ring after reaching the pinnacle as a world champion in his division three years ago, compared to Ljungquist, who has two Nordic amateur titles to his name and is only starting to scale the professional ladder.

Despite this, Ljungquist thinks they do share some similar attributes.

He added: “I think we have a similar style. We are both quite defensive but explosive at the same time. However, there is a lot I can learn from him when it comes to his speed and mobility."

Carl Frampton and Tyson Fury Media Workout

With yet another commendation to his name, Fury is the heavy favourite to overturn Pianeta in 10 days' time, who he described as being 'one win from being right back there among the best'.

Victory in Belfast should see Fury clear to set up a meeting with Wilder and looking further down the line, Anthony Joshua.

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