Aaron Rodgers explains exactly why the NFL needs to abolish the franchise tag

Green Bay Packers v Carolina Panthers

The NFL franchise tag can be great for teams, but sometimes it can be a burden for players.

Teams can use a tag in order to keep a player for another year and allow them extra time to work out a long-term deal for a player and stop them from hitting free agency.

For a player, the franchise tag can be good too, as they'll get paid a high salary for their position. However, it can be frustrating too, as it stops them from acquiring the security of a long-term deal either with the team they're at or elsewhere in the league.

During a recent interview with Kevin Clark of The Ringer, Aaron Rodgers was asked what he’d change about the NFL if he were commissioner for a day.

The Green Bay Packers quarterback talked about the franchise tag and said that he would remove it because it gives a team too much power over a player's future.

Abolish the tag

He said, via USA Today: “I think I would not allow the franchise tag. Because I think that gives the team a lot of power over your future, and they can tag you a couple of times. That, obviously, restricts player movement.

“I think if you didn’t have it, it would encourage teams to get deals done earlier and in the long run it actually might save them money. Because you’re doing a guy’s deal a year before he’s ready to play, especially young guys.

"Maybe they get him for cheap and, if he has a huge season his last year, cheaper than they would have gotten him after that season, if you sign him early.”

Green Bay Packers v Carolina Panthers

NFL can learn from NBA

Rodgers believes as well that the NFL can learn a lot from the NBA, especially their soft cap.

“I would allow teams to go over the cap knowing if they do, since there’s not a hard cap, they are going to be faced with some luxury tax issues and they’d change their strategy.

"It’s not like we’re hurting—just like the NBA, we’re not hurting for revenue. We’re doing excellent in the NFL and the NBA is doing fantastic as well.”

Rodgers currently finds himself in a situation with his own contract negotiations with the Packers. They could franchise tag him for two years at the end of his deal, giving him less leverage in a renegotiation.

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