Fernando Alonso is yet to decide his future beyond this season

It’s no secret that Fernando Alonso is a fan of IndyCar. It was only last year when he chose to miss the Monaco Grand Prix to take part in the Indianapolis 500.

But, as McLaren continue to linger towards the back of the grid, Alonso is now considering a more permanent switch from Formula 1 to join IndyCar in America, according to McLaren boss Zak Brown.

Brown has revealed that Alonso is yet to commit his future to the team and admits the lure of the Triple Crown is making IndyCar racing an attractive proposition.

“He’s very interested (in IndyCar),” Brown said, per Sport24.

“He likes the series but hasn’t decided yet what he want to do as it relates to Formula One.

“He thinks it (IndyCar) is great racing. He loves the Indy 500. So I think he very much enjoyed that experience. He’s a racer. He likes to race.

“I think winning not only the Triple Crown but all three series (Formula One, IndyCar, WEC), he probably finds intriguing. And he likes the racing in IndyCar. It’s extremely competitive. And he likes America, so I know it’s something he would consider.”

However, Brown feels that if McLaren can turn their fortunes around and produce better results, they will remain Alonso’s number one choice.

He continued: “I think if we were more competitive, he’d definitely want to stay in Formula One.

“He’s talked about his frustrations about being in a manufacturers’ championship as opposed to a drivers’ championship. If you look at the race results, it’s probably a fairly fair statement.

“He likes to challenge himself. And racing the Indy 500 and/or IndyCar might compel him.”

As for McLaren’s possible future in IndyCar, Brown has said that they are still considering it, despite Michael Andretti saying they are running out of time.

That’s after the CEO revealed that Andretti Autosport are not the only option for McLaren to partner with should they decide to field an entry into next year’s championship.

“I hadn’t heard that he put a date out there,” Brown said. “Also, that’s Michael’s date.

“That assumes, which everyone does, that we’re going with Michael. And we very well might, but he’s not our only option.

“But I hadn’t heard any firm date. At the end of the day, we know we have to make a decision here soon or you technically run out of time to be properly prepared. So we are going to have to make a decision soon.”

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