Liverpool fans speculate why Dejan Lovren didn't tell the club about his stomach injury


Dejan Lovren was outstanding for Liverpool last season as he helped them reach the Champions League final.

He earned the respect of Liverpool fans because of his performances alongside Virgil van Dijk, not to mention scoring some important goals.

But now, in typical fashion, the Croatian has ruined it.

Lovren is out of Sunday's opener against West Ham with stomach pains, which started at the World Cup. He doesn't know when he will return to training.

Liverpool are annoyed with Lovren because he didn't tell them about his injury at the time and waited until he returned from holiday earlier this week, at which point it was too late.

"I cannot train at all because of stomach muscle issues," said Lovren. "I am suffering a lot of pain and will see a specialist doctor in the Netherlands.

"When did I start to feel it? I felt it during the World Cup. I played with pain and those three games killed me. But who wouldn't play for Croatia at such a big tournament?


"After the World Cup finished, the pain increased. I can't even sit in my car without feeling it and to get out of the car hurts like hell!

"I'd always grit my teeth and play for Croatia, but now I am paying the price. But no price is too high for what we achieved in Russia."

"Of course, they are not happy," he added. "I haven't trained since I returned from holiday. I can't. I'll reassess things after seeing the doctor in Netherlands.


"I have to deal with that for now and believe it will be okay. I hoped it would pass during my holiday, but it didn't. As I went for a swim, it hurt. I couldn't even rest normally."

Lovren has royally messed up, there are no two ways about it, and now Liverpool fans are all speculating why he decided to not tell the club earlier.

And here's their theory: Lovren was scared he would be replaced if Liverpool knew he was injured. 

Just imagine if it's true. Not telling Liverpool about his injury because he's scared of being replaced would be extremely selfish on Lovren's part.

Liverpool are now stretched for options at the back, especially in the middle, which is far from ideal heading into such an important season.

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