WWE legend Jim Ross says one RAW superstar has to turn heel - and it's not Roman Reigns


If you've heard it once, you've heard it a thousand times: the WWE needs to turn Roman Reigns heel.

Triple H would be the first man to tell you that if the crowd are already booing Roman Reigns, why does he need to turn heel? He's already eliciting the reaction the brass would desire.

One could argue that The Rock was in the very same position back in 1997 and by turning him heel, the crowd was able to see him at his best, enjoy his work and that in turn helped The Great One become one of the biggest babyfaces of all-time.

The same could work for Reigns, but he's not the only superstar on the main roster who needs a makeover.

According to WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross, Bobby Roode needs to turn heel more than anybody.

Speaking on his Ross Report podcast via Wrestling Inc, the Voice of Wrestling explained why Roode is simply built to be a heel and the WWE should quit resisting it.

"I think Bobby Roode would be better served in WWE, in my opinion, as a villain." Ross explained, "[Roode's] natural body english, facial expressions, everything [lends itself to villainy]. He's a natural heel. He should be put in his natural habitat and allowed to feed."

As a heel in NXT, Roode was magnificent with his glorious persona and was a very entertaining NXT champion.


The problem WWE officials probably have with his gimmick is that it caught on so well, that it was hard to keep him a bad guy. Take his entrance for example - all of the fans in attendance love it.

Unfortunately for the former TNA legend, he's found himself treading water on the main roster with nondescript feuds against the likes of Mojo Rawley, which really tells you where he is on the Raw totem pole right now.

A heel turn could inject some much-needed life into his character; do you think the WWE should turn him?

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