WWE Raw Results: Huge Superstar Returns on Raw Before SummerSlam


Raw promised a brilliant go-home episode as SummerSlam is just six days away.

With Renee Young on commentary, becoming the first woman to voice an entire episode of Raw, we were scheduled to witness two former UFC champions with Ronda Rousey and Brock Lesnar both booked.

Also, rumours floated around that Dean Ambrose was expected to return from the injury that has kept him out of action for seven months.

Would we see Ambrose return during the expected contract signing between Dolph Ziggler and Seth Rollins? 

Here are the results from Raw:


Ronda Rousey entered the arena first and before beginning to focus on Alexa Bliss, she paid tribute to friend Natalya after the sudden loss of her father, Jim 'The Anvil' Neidhart. You can read about his in-ring career as part of the Hart Foundation here.

Ronda welcomed Ember Moon to the ring, declaring that the War Goddess would be facing Alexa Bliss next. Bliss, accompanied by a taped up Alicia Fox after suffering a Rousey arm-bar last week, made her entrance and hired some extra security to protect her from Rousey.

As expected, Rousey dispatched of the security with ease - with one security guard not even taking the fight to Ronda. The match began with Bliss running from Moon before getting in a cheap shot to take control.

However, some lovely holds and a wicked baseball slide sent Bliss flying into the barricade as The Baddest Woman on the Planet looked on. 

Moon almost had the match won as she hit her beautiful Eclipse on a stunned Bliss but before the referee could reach a three-count, Alicia Fox interfered and sent Moon flying with a hair toss. Rousey sprinted back into the ring and delivered three Judo throws that sent Fox scrambling out of the ring with Bliss, the champion barely in one piece.

Rating: 8/10

Rousey was pure class in this segment. She started softly when paying tribute to Natalya before shifting her intensity to Alexa Bliss, who she will face on Sunday. Her Judo throws never get old, whether she is throwing a security guard or Alicia Fox across the ring. The match between Bliss and Moon was very good too, leaving fans wanting more in the future between the pair.


The Constable of Raw went up against Breeze, who is without partner Fandango due to injury. Breeze started to pick up the pace early but Corbin threw Breeze straight into the barrier. 

After a short exchange, Corbin dodged a crossbody and hit the Deep Six on Breeze for the win, not even having to dip deep into his arsenal for the End of Days. 

After the match, he grabbed the microphone and announced Finn Balor's opponent for the evening- Jinder Mahal. But, not only would Balor face Mahal, but Kevin Owens too in a handicap match.

Kurt Angle added to the match, ordering the Monster in the Bank, Braun Strowman, to join Finn Balor and make it a tag match. Balor took control of the match in the early stages as Owens ran away from Strowman, avoiding any conflict with the current Money in the Bank holder.

Strowman then received the hot tag from Balor and laid waste to Sunil Singh and Owens on the outside before hitting the Running Powerslam on Mahal for the win.

Post-match, Owens scurried away from the ring up the ramp followed in hot pursuit by Strowman. This gave Baron Corbin an opportunity to attack a lone Balor in the ring, nailing an End of Days to stand tall ahead of his SummerSlam match.

Rating: 7/10

Corbin's short match with Breeze was ok but the crowd was really into the tag match with Strowman, Balor, Owens and Mahal. Strowman, as always, looked like a machine and gets a massive roar as he receives the hot tag. Constable Corbin has found his place on the card and really excelled in the role, making him more relevant to the show.

Mahal is an interesting component to the Owens/Strowman match this Sunday. Could he help KO get the briefcase from Strowman? 


A country singer from Greensborough under the name Ricky Roberts praised Elias for his music, calling him his idol. Elias came out to perform and, as per usual, attacked the crowd. Lashley interrupted and before a match could get underway, Roberts used his own guitar to hit Lashley.

Lashley didn't even flinch and produced a dominating Spinebuster on Roberts with so much force.

Rating: 4/10

Lashley and Elias did not get physical and they don't have a match booked for SummerSlam, therefore this felt like a bit of an empty segment.


In a match for the Raw Tag Team Champions, the rules were that only two men were legal at any one time, meaning that one team would be out of the match at any given time.

The Revival produced a Hart Attack early, in homage to The Anvil. Bray Wyatt hit Uranage's everywhere and on everyone, including one onto the apron for Dash Wilder. Matt Hardy then Superplexed Scott Dawson off the top rope onto the remaining four competitors below on the floor.

However, some cunning ring awareness from Curtis Axel allowed him to pick up the win. He tagged himself into the match just before The Revival hit Matt Hardy with the Shatter Machine. He then threw Scott Dawson out of the ring and made the pin himself in order to retain his tag team titles.

Rating: 6/10

It was quite a fun match with all six men getting their moment to shine. Hardy's Superplex looked lovely and Axel looked clever in order to retain his championship. Some may say it was a little too short, especially as there isn't space for a tag match on the SummerSlam card this weekend. 


Roman Reigns wants to leave Raw in a better place than it was when he started. He declared it was the end of Lesnar's reign on Sunday before Paul Heyman interrupted.

Heyman, on the back of his brilliant promo last week, wanted to join forces with Reigns and praised The Big Dog relentlessly. He wanted to join forces after Lesnar seemingly got rid of him two weeks ago on Raw. 

However, it seems as though Heyman was fooling us all as he surprisingly pepper-sprayed Reigns multiple times. This left Reigns stunned and an opportunistic Brock Lesnar entered the arena and delivered some devastating knee strikes to the mid-section and then sent Reigns to sleep with a Guillotine hold.

Heyman laughed in the background as his plan was perfectly executed. Lesnar left and returned to the ring for one last F5 to send a clear message to Reigns ahead of Summerslam.

Rating: 8/10

After Heyman's brilliant performance in his Renee Young interview last week, this was a brilliant swerve. It seems as though Lesnar and Heyman had it planned all along, faking their breakup two weeks ago. Lesnar looked venomous as he preyed on a weak victim, with WWE presumably hoping that Reigns will get some sympathy from the fans. 


This match begun as Michael Cole was still summarising the Reigns/Lesnar segment beforehand. In a match that went no longer than 2 minutes, Roode hit the Glorious DDT on Rawley for the win.

Rating: 1/10

Nothing to report. Rawley getting pinned so early in the feud is poor though, as it seemed as though he could get some momentum as a heel.


The leader of The Riott Squad was back in action for the first time in a month against one half of The Boss and Hug Connection.

The Riott Squad caused some distractions on the outside but the turning point was when Sasha Banks got her hand caught in the ring steps, allowing Riott to attack and damage the left arm. 

Sasha managed to nail a Suicide Dive to the outside onto Sarah Logan but it wasn't enough as the distractions worked for Riott, who took advantage to get a roll-up win over Banks.

Rating: 5/10 

There isn't too much story behind these matches other than it's Bayley and Banks back in the same corner. It was nice to see Riott back in action, she is one of the most underrated performers in WWE today.


The story throughout Raw was whether Rollins was going to make it back to Raw in time to sign the contract, as he spent the last week in Shanghai, China. Inside the contract was a clause allowing Rollins to have somebody in his corner, with lots of people hoping it will be The Lunatic Fringe, Dean Ambrose.

GM Kurt Angle put over Roman Reigns before Dolph Ziggler and Drew McIntyre made their way to the ring to sign the contract ahead of Sunday's Intercontinental Championship match.

Ziggler and McIntyre then continued to tell the audience how their hard work got them to where they are today. Rollins finally arrived in the arena and stated that the clause in the contract was put in for a reason. If Ziggler got a Scottish Psychopath in his corner, then he needed a Lunatic.

Dean Ambrose then got one of the biggest pops of the year as he sported a shaved head with a full beard and with about 10 pounds extra muscle. He and Rollins took to the ring and as Ambrose got rid of Ziggler, Rollins kicked McIntyre in the stomach. This turned him into Ambrose and saw the first Dirty Deeds of 2018. 

Ambrose and Rollins ended Raw in the ring together, posing with their 'Shield Fists' out for the WWE Universe to witness and applaud.

Rating: 9/10

Ziggler and McIntyre were terrific on the microphone before Rollins arrived. They said that despite them appearing together, they are not a tag team and merely superstars who want to make each other better. 

Rollins got a great reaction and Ambrose an even bigger one when his music hit. It has been long overdue and hopefully, we see him get into some action at SummerSlam this weekend.


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