New footage of Pep Guardiola in Man City's 'All or Nothing' documentary emerges

Manchester City’s 2017/18 season will be forever remembered in English football.

Pep Guardiola’s all-conquering side amassed 100 points, scored 106 goals and played the best football ever seen in the Premier League.

However, the fact they lost on two occasions means they face fierce competition in the rankings to be the greatest side the division has ever witnessed.

Arsenal’s 2003/04 invincible side, of course, went unbeaten, while Jose Mourinho’s Chelsea side of 2004/05 only lost once – and let’s not forget Manchester United’s treble-winning side in 1998/99.

But for sheer footballing beauty and utter dominance, Guardiola’s City should claim the crown.

Their unique style of football has got every fan across the globe captivated for the release of Amazon’s documentary on the club titled ‘All or Nothing’.

We will get to see what really happened behind closed doors with all the players and the manager.

The trailer got everyone excited and a new short clip has emerged on Twitter which has caught everyones attention even more.

You can watch it below.


It’s a weird moment.

Guardiola bursts into the dressing room screaming and shouting, telling the players not to talk.

But then, he instructs them to relax and drink some water, weird. It’s hard to tell which game it’s from, but some speculate that it’s from City’s 1-0 loss to Wigan in the FA Cup.

Here’s how fans reacted to the footage.


Guardiola recently revealed one of his expert tips that motivated his players throughout their record-breaking season – he lied about having all the answers!

He revealed: “I’m going to tell you something that is absolutely true: I don’t have all the answers!

“Often when I don’t know something, I act in front of the players as if I do.

“I do it so that they believe I have the answers and that gives them the confidence to play.

“Sometimes they ask you things about life, and then you must adopt the role of a father, brother or son.

“I try to give them the best advice that you would hope to receive in your own life.”

The August 17 release date for All or Nothing needs to hurry up…

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