Kyle Lauletta fakes out the entire Detroit Lions defense on TD run

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The New York Giants head into the 2018 NFL season with what they hope are some very big upgrades in their offense. 

Nate Solder was brought in from the New England Patriots on a four-year, $62 million contract in order to give Eli Manning some blindside protection, while a second-round draft pick was invested in offensive guard Will Hernandez who will also help Manning stay upwards longer.

And then we get to Saquon Barkley, the second overall pick in the draft, who is expected to light up the National Football League and proclaim himself as one of the next great ones at the running back spot. Well, that's what you're hoping for at least from a back you take that high. 

But it was none of the names above that caught the eye last night, nor was it the Giants other top players in Odell Beckham Jr or Landon Collins. 

Instead, the biggest play from the Giants preseason game against the Detroit Lions last night was from third-string quarterback Kyle Lauletta. Trust us on this one.

With Barkley sidelined thanks to a slight hamstring issue it fell on Lauletta to break out the highlight play run, apparently. And he took his chance incredibly. 

A man not known for his rushing ability, Lauletta faked a handoff to running back Jalen Simmons, rolled out towards the sideline and juked two Lions defenders - leaving one on the floor in pain - before diving into the endzone thanks to the space his footwork created.

Take a look at the play here.

It's incredible and unbelievable. Lauletta looks like he's running in treacle compared to the opponents chasing him, but it's almost like his awkwardness was so offputting it made him impossible to track down.

Lauletta finished the night with 2-of-5 passing for 27 yards to go along with his 13 rushing yards as the Giants ran out 30-17 winners.

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Hopefully, he gives us another highlight play in the Giants' two next preseason games. 

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