WWE Raw Results: New Universal Champion Defends Title on Raw


After a mammoth show in Brooklyn last night that lasted six hours, Raw began with three new champions at the helm.

Ronda Rousey won her first WWE Women's Championship from Alexa Bliss whilst Roman Reigns was finally able to topple Brock Lesnar in the main event for the Universal Championship.

Also, Seth Rollins regained the Intercontinental Championship from Dolph Ziggler after a thrilling match, creating an intriguing dynamic going forward between the two men as well as the returning Dean Ambrose and Drew McIntyre. 

What new feuds would we see begin tonight? Here are all the results from Raw:


Reigns entered the arena first to a mixed reaction, as per usual, with some of the crowd chanting 'You still suck!'. He issued a challenge for a former Universal Champion, who never got the opportunity to try and win the title back, Finn Balor. Balor came out and accepted the challenge before Baron Corbin entered and said there was no way this match was happening. 

There was some short verbal sparring, in which Corbin said the match last night was unfair as he faced the Demon Balor, not the man. Kurt Angle, Raw General Manager, came out to remind Corbin that he did not make the matches on Raw. He agreed with the crowd, who unanimously voted in seeing Balor versus Reigns later on this evening. Angle introduced Corbin's opponent for tonight, Bobby Lashley.

Rating: 7/10

It was great to see Reigns come out and say instantly that he will be defending the title - fans have wanted that for over a year. His opponent was a popular choice too, as Finn Balor has been underutilised in recent months on Raw. Corbin tried to use all the excuses in the book but was put into a tough match against Bobby Lashley, who did not even feature on SummerSlam.


Corbin dominated a lot of the early stages of the match, running Lashley into the barricade and sending The Dominator flying through the ropes and hitting the ring apron hard on the way down to the floor.

Lashley went shoulder first into the ring post and almost received the same fate moments later but was able to throw Corbin into the post first. An awkward Spinebuster followed by a new finishing move was enough for Bobby Lashley to get the win.

Rating: 4/10

It wasn't a memorable match between Lashley and Corbin. The Constable of Raw got squashed last night by Finn Balor and Lashley has failed to connect with the crowd since rejoining WWE in April. Lashley, realistically, could be in a main event feud since he beat Roman Reigns recently but a heel turn could be his best way to get a title shot. 


In case you have not been keeping up to date with the Bayley/Banks saga, they are currently getting along swimmingly. As The Boss and Hug Connection, they once against faced Ruby Riott's clan featuring Liv Morgan and Sarah Logan.

Moon gave her team the advantage, despite coming up short on her signature Suicide Dive to the outside. The Riott Squad, as expected, provided their usual bunch of shenanigans to try and gain an advantage. Eventually, the numbers game was utilised and the Riott Squad swarmed the babyface team, wiping out Bayley and Ember Moon and therefore allowing Riott to hit the Riott Kick on Banks for the win.

Rating: 3/10

Sadly, it's the only other women's segment weekly on Raw and there is no real storyline to it. We have seen this match several times, each with a different ending but ultimately the same middle. Riott is too good to be wasted in six-women tag matches and would be brilliant in a singles feud with either Bayley, Banks or Moon. Hopefully, they build some good matches for Evolution.


Coming out to King of Kings, Triple H addressed what a wonderful weekend it had been in the Barclays Centre. The COO spoke about the 'End of an Era' match back in 2012 between himself and The Phenom at WrestleMania 28. He wanted to reignite that era in Melbourne and confirmed that they would face one more time before the era completely finished.

Rating: 9/10

Triple H spoke perfectly. He didn't act as a babyface or a heel, but just praised the weekend of wrestling and spoke about his history with The Undertaker. We probably won't see The Deadman before Australia and it's unlikely we will hear from The Game again, so this was the perfect promo for the biggest event in Australia's history which is just six weeks away.


The Lunatic Fringe had his first match on Raw in 2018 against Dolph Ziggler, who lost the Intercontinental Championship to Seth Rollins at SummerSlam. The Architect accompanied Ambrose to the ring whereas Ziggler had Drew McIntyre in his corner.

McIntyre caused distractions on the outside, giving Rollins and Ambrose some verbal grief which allowed Ziggler to nail a dropkick. Once Ambrose regained control, he used several new moves to gain a solid advantage.

Rollins began a physical fight with McIntyre on the outside but got quickly outnumbered as Ziggler came to help out his Scottish friend. Ambrose evened the odds moments later and used the momentum to get his first win of the year by using Dirty Deeds, securing a clean pinfall.

Rating: 6/10

Ambrose looked fluid in the ring for his first match in eight months. The dynamics between all four of these superstars is interesting, as any of them could turn on their own partners at any time and it would remain exciting. Most people are waiting for the Ambrose heel turn though...


Elias was going to perform a song after last nights concert was cut short due to a guitar malfunction. Curt Hawkins came out, much to everybody's surprise, and challenged Elias to a match to try and snap his 218 losing streak.

Hawkins rolled up Elias straight away, almost securing victory, but then ran straight into a knee strike. From then on, it was Elias in control and he won easily with Drift Away. 

Rating: 5/10

Elias still did not get to play his song - do not be surprised if he shows up on Smackdown Live tomorrow. Hawkin's losing streak is entertaining but we only see it once every month or so. Once they start showing it every week and making it an integral part of TV, only then will fans believe that it can finally be snapped. 


Akam and Rezar continued to battle Titus O'Neil and Apollo Crews. A story slightly progressed as Crews did get in a bit more offence than last time, including a flying Crossbody and a standing Shooting Star Press. However, it was a stereotypical win for AOP as The Last Chapter saw off Apollo Crews.

Rating: 2/10

We saw AOP stutter slightly but again, they defeat Titus Worldwide. Interestingly, Dana Brooke said she was discussing something with Apollo Crews before the match which could be hinting at a split. This match has been seen too many times on TV without proper reasoning. Akam and Rezar should be winning the tag belts, not stuck in the lower mid-card.


With the Raw women's division at ringside, Stephanie McMahon came to the ring and introduced Ronda Rousey as her 'protege', stating her business mind as the reason Rousey is in WWE.

Rousey began to put over the other women who had made their way onto the ring apron. She thanked Nattie, then Sasha Banks and Bayley for their NXT TakeOver match. Stephanie and Ronda began arguing about what Rousey wanted from WWE.

She said she only breaks the arms of those who deserve it. McMahon backed away but ultimately got Judo thrown across the ring and held in a Rousey Armbar as she frantically tapped and screamed. Rousey then held the title aloft with the babyface section of the women's division.

Rating: 7/10

Rousey has clearly moved into the top babyface role in WWE and this confirmed it as she put over all the roster. She is innocent on the microphone and sounds pure, yet a badass when she throws her opponent around. This was the beginning of a lengthy title run for Rousey, therefore it had to be marked appropriately.


After retaining his half of the Raw Tag Team Championship last night, Dallas stated that the B in B Team stands for Brooklyn tonight. 

Dawson beat Dallas in a matter of minutes despite Dallas being on top for most of the match. A DDT from Dawson was enough to put Dallas away before Axel challenged Dash Wilder.

Another short match in which Curtis Axel dominated was eventually won by Wilder with a stunning backward Bomb finishing move.

Rating: 4/10

This short feud should really have been left at SummerSlam although we rarely see The Revival in singles action. Their individual finishers were both beautifully executed and it looks as though this will continue through to Hell in a Cell.


For the first time in over a year, the Universal Championship was on the line on an episode of Monday Night Raw. Braun Strowman, the current Money in the Bank holder, made Balor well aware that he would be watching closely - ready to cash in and become champion.

Despite appearing at SummerSlam as the Demon, Finn Balor came out as the leader of Balor Club to face Reigns in his first Universal Championship match since SummerSlam in 2016.

The match began at a quick pace, with roll-ups from both men getting two counts. Balor's Enziguiri was counted by a huge right hand from Reigns which sent Balor to the outside. Balor managed to stun the current champion with a dropkick but was caught soon after and sent face first into the apron.

Roman hit his signature Clotheslines in the corner but Balor countered a running attack with another dropkick, sending Reigns outside the ring and in prime position for Balor to fly over the top rope and regain control. 

The match began to reach the crescendo, Reigns geared up for the Superman Punch but it was reversed firstly before finally connecting just after Balor used the Slingblade. As Reigns rested in the corner and prepared to launch his Spear, Braun Strowman's music hit and The Monster Among Men began to walk to the ring. This distracted Reigns and Balor hit the missile dropkick into the turnbuckle and climbed to the top rope.

The Coup de Grace missed and as Balor rolled through, Reigns got up and hit the Spear - covering Balor instantly and retaining the Universal Championship. Strowman made his way into the ring and delivered a Big Boot to Reigns, before handing in his Money in the Bank briefcase to the referee.

Ring announcer JoJo made the announcement to the crowd that Braun Strowman was cashing in his briefcase but before the bell could ring to make the match official, The Shield's music hit and Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose stormed towards the ring.

Alongside a now recovered Reigns, they swarmed the ring and began a beatdown on Strowman. Despite The Monster's best efforts to fend off all three former WWE Champions, he succumbed to the pressure. A Spear on the outside from Reigns set up The Shield's signature Triple Powerbomb, which sent Strowman through the Raw announce table.

Rating: 10/10

The match between Balor and Reigns was to a very high standard. They are two of the best workers on the roster and worked well together. As the match reached its climax, the crowd got more involved and it became very believable that Balor could beat Reigns. The inclusion of Strowman created that extra intrigue and Balor could hold Strowman partly responsible for his loss. Nobody expected The Shield to get back together so soon after Ambrose's return but it worked perfectly here, despite three babyfaces attacking another babyface and sending him through the commentary booth. Strowman looks like a beast still as he almost fended off three superstars but couldn't quite do it and if anything, it makes Roman look a weaker champion as he needed support to hold of the Money in the Bank contract holder. 

Overall, it was a brilliant ending that saved an average episode of Raw.

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