WWE Smackdown Live Results: Huge Title Change in Smackdown Main Event


General Manager Paige promised a huge Smackdown Live show in the last of four events coming from the Barclays Centre in Brooklyn.

After a disqualification win for The New Day at SummerSlam, they faced The Bludgeon Brothers again for the titles but this time it was given a no-DQ stipulation.

Also, we hoped to learn the motives for Becky Lynch after her actions shocked the WWE Universe as she attacked her long-term friend Charlotte Flair after The Queen won the Smackdown Women's Championship.

Here are all the results from Smackdown Live:


The A-Lister opened this week's show and announced his retirement from facing Daniel Bryan inside the ropes. He said that he has the hardest punch in WWE but just as he was promoting his own reality show that airs after Smackdown, he was interrupted by Bryan.

Bryan repeatedly called him a coward but Maryse stepped in and said Bryan should just be called Daniel Bella. This drew Brie Bella to the ring and she ran past Bryan, flying straight into the ring and punching The Miz straight in the face. Bryan followed quickly and sent Miz packing and scrambling back up the entrance ramp.

Bryan then announced that he will face his oldest foe again but with Brie Bella by his side in mixed tag action with Maryse alongside her husband.

Rating: 7/10

It was great to see Brie Bella return on Smackdown and now we know her first match since WrestleMania 32 (not including this year's Royal Rumble). Teaming up with Bryan is the perfect way to reintroduce her on Smackdown as it creates a new dynamic to the Miz and Bryan feud. Seeing Maryse in the ring too will be interesting, as she hasn't had a match since March 2017 at WrestleMania 33, facing Brie's sister, Nikki.


Since Orton's return to Smackdown, we have seen a much more ruthless side to The Viper. He faced Hardy in single's action for the first time since 2007.

Orton dominated lots of the early match but Hardy got in all his signature moves such as Whisper in the Wind and Twist of Fate. Before he could hit his famous Swanton Bomb, Orton stopped him on the top turnbuckle. However, Hardy was able to ground Orton and he then purposely low-blowed The Viper. 

The now-brawl went around the arena and ended up in the tech area, underneath the hard camera. Hardy hit Orton with several pieces of equipment, including steel chairs, and then hit a Swanton Bomb on Orton going through a table. 

Rating: 9/10

Orton is one of the best opponents for Jeff Hardy at the moment. He is an extremely safe worker and can work at the same pace for Hardy, who is clearly struggling with nagging injuries. This was perfectly booked with Hardy hitting an amazing Swanton Bomb in the crowd. We also saw the brutal side of Orton, who got his finger inside the earlobes of Brother Nero. 


Naomi got her first match on Smackdown in over two months as she faced Peyton Royce, one half of The IIconics.

Naomi did a cool Splash which was performed whilst doing the splits but Billie Kay did well at distracting Naomi on the outside of the ring. Naomi kicked Kay in the ribs and threw her into the ring post but Royce capitalised and then threw Naomi into the same post and hit her Fisherman Suplex for the easy victory.

Rating: 4/10

The little comment from Corey Graves as Peyton Royce made her entrance was the most exciting part of this segment, pointing out the issue with Dave Meltzer last week on social media regarding his comments.

The match was quite solid, with Naomi nailing her kicks including a lovely step-up Enziguiri. However, Royce needed a win here and Naomi doesn't have any real storyline at the moment, so can take a loss.


After a shocking heel turn by Becky Lynch at SummerSlam, she came back out into the Barclays Centre to address her actions. She claimed she deserved to be Smackdown Women's Champion and was just an afterthought for lots of the WWE Universe. SummerSlam was meant to be about her and not Charlotte Flair.

New champion Flair came out and charged down the ramp towards Lynch and the two engaged in a fight. Lynch got the majority of cheers but Paige quickly got the rest of the roster down to the ring to separate the two.

In a style similar to Brock Lesnar feuds, one woman would escape and jump the other, beginning to rain down punches on their opponent. It took several minutes for tensions to die down and for the women to regain control of Lynch and Flair.

Rating: 10/10

Lynch had amazing intensity in her promo and the crowd chanted for Becky even though she is supposed to be the heel. Flair received the majority of the boos when she entered the arena but it was awesome to see a big brawl that needed the entire locker room to prevent it. This has the feeling of a top-level feud but WWE will have to work very hard to get Lynch booed by the crowd.


In a rematch from the SummerSlam kick-off show, the husband and wife team of Rusev and Lana faced Almas and his business manager, Zelina Vega.

Lana and Vega performed for much of the match, with Vega wearing down Lana and cutting her off from her tag partner. When Lana did eventually get the tag, Rusev took control of Almas but did receive a brutal elbow then the Double Knees. 

However, at ringside was Aiden English, who has been more of a hindrance than a help in recent weeks for Rusev and Lana. With a steel chair in hand, he forced Almas back into the ring and into the clutches of the Bulgarian Brute. He locked in The Accolade and instantly got the submission win.

Rating: 5/10

It will be interesting to see where English and Rusev go from here, as it seemed as though they would be breaking up and feuding. The match was very similar to their one at SummerSlam but this time, the husband and wife duo managed to win. 


Renee Young stood on the stage, preparing to interview AJ Styles. The WWE Champion came out and said that if Samoa Joe ever mentioned his family again, he would rip his heart out.

It was at that moment that Styles was dragged off the stage by Joe from behind and locked straight into the Coquina Clutch. Styles passed out and Joe grabbed the mic, calling for Wendy Styles and saying that AJ would not be home in time to tuck the kids into bed.

Rating: 8/10

Samoa Joe is very scary these days and this crazy side of him is making him a true villain. He has rattled Styles in a way nobody has before and made it extremely personally, making thrilling TV. Long may this continue.


It was almost common knowledge that Rowan was going into this match injured whereas Big E had a kayfabe injury to his ribs.

Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods sent Harper over the announce table but Rowan wiped out Kofi and then got Harper to throw a desk chair at him. The New Day did regain control as Woods sent Harper into the commentary table and Kingston got the better of Rowan inside the ring before introducing a ladder.

The Bludgeon's added chairs to the mix but Harper ended up receiving a Tornado DDT onto one for a two count before Rowan saved the match for his team. The current champions then set up a ladder in between two chairs and used the Crucifix Bomb on Kingston straight down onto the ladder which didn't break fully. Kingston managed to kick out of the pin attempt.

The Bludgeon's mallets finally came into action but as Rowan charged at Woods, he ducked out the way and Rowan fell into the timekeeper's area. Woods did get a Superkick straight after from Harper and almost got powerbombed through a table but Kofi used the mallet to hit Harper.

Kofi then held Harper down on the table as Woods climbed to the top rope and landed straight onto Harper, sending him through the furniture. Woods and Kofi both held Harper down and secured the victory to become five-team tag team champions.

Rating: 10/10

A brilliant match that had plenty of good spots and a brilliant finish. Most thought The New Day would win as Rowan needs to heal his arm but the Crucifix Bomb almost put Kofi away. We saw desk chairs were thrown, ladder bumps and a table spot, all leading to a brilliant ending where the crowd erupted. Another amazing match to add to New Day's growing portfolio.

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