Roger Federer slams proposed major rule change to the ATP Tour

Western & Southern Open - Day 9

Ahead of the US Open next week, Roger Federer must be feeling pretty good about his career as a whole.

Federer hasn’t won the US Open since 2008, yet with five previous tournament wins at the New York based Grand Slam, he will still be confident of success.

The Swiss master has enjoyed a barely believable purple-patch in the later years of his career, pushing his total to an incredible 20 Grand Slam title wins.

With a similarly resurgent Djokovic looking impressive in beating Federer in Cincinnati, and Rafael Nadal also looking strong, it is a good moment for the old-guard of tennis.

At 37 years of age, fans now face the sad realisation that the days of watching Federer play might be numbered.

Roger Federer in action

Whilst Federer may not be playing in the long-term, he still has an opinion on how the game is developing.

For the second year in a row on-court coaching will be trialled at the NextGen finals, and Federer has a strong view on the precedent it sets for the sport.

I really hope it doesn't (enter). I really do,” said Federer.

“Hanging on. If it does happen, it's hopefully after I'm done playing. I really don't think it's necessary.

“I don't think it's fair maybe necessarily, because not everybody can afford a coach.

“It's just not right. We'll see girlfriends walking out, we'll see parents walking out. It's not going to be pretty, you know”.

Wow, he isn’t sitting on the fence, then.

Western & Southern Open - Day 8

The system is already in place for WTA matches, yet Federer feels that it is unnecessary, and is hoping that it doesn’t infiltrate Grand Slam tournaments.

“You can look over to your coach for comfort and support, but other than that, I think tennis is one of maybe could or should be one of those unique sports where you don't get coaching.” He said.

He’ll be safe from any interaction with his coach in New York – for how long that will continue to be the case remains to be seen.

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