Report: NBA hope to introduce multiple rule changes for the new season

Adam Silver wants to propose a new set of rules next season

The NBA could introduce a set of new rules for the 2018-19 season, according to ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski.

The league's board of governors are expected to pass rule changes that will include resetting the shot clock after an offensive rebound to 14 seconds from 24, simplifying the clear-path foul rule and expanding the definition of the "hostile act" to more easily trigger instant replay, per Woj.

A memo was sent by the NBA to general managers and coaches on Thursday to outline the alterations they'd like to introduce.

However, the proposed changes will need to be voted on before its put in place and the board of governors will meet to do so next month.

They will need a two-thirds majority to pass the legislation.

Shot clock

According to Wojnarowski, the league believes that resetting the shot clock to 14 seconds after an offensive rebound will increase the number of shot attempts, particularly at the end of close games.

The rule was implemented in the Summer League last month and is used in FIBA competitions and the G-League.

Currently, the shot clock only resets to 14 seconds after a defensive foul is called with 13 seconds or fewer remaining.

This would benefit defending teams as the team with possession will have to make quicker decisions and waste less time.

Clear path foul

Wojnarowski reports that under the changes to the clear-path rule, a clear path to the basket would be in play in these three instances:

- "A personal foul is committed on any offensive player during his team's transition scoring opportunity."

- "When the foul occurs, the ball is ahead of the tip of the circle in the backcourt, no defensive player is ahead of the offensive player with the scoring opportunity and that offensive player is in control of the ball or a pass to him has been released."

- "The defensive foul deprives the offensive team of a transition scoring opportunity."

The NBA wants to clamp down on clear-path fouls

In the event of a clear-path foul, the team will be given two free throws and possession of the ball on the sideline closest to where the foul took place.

Hostile act

The current NBA definition of a"hostile act" is any situation "when a player intentionally or recklessly harms or attempts to harm another player with a punch, elbow, kick, or blow to the head."

The new and expanded definition will allow referees to use instant replays when players are also aggressive and hostile in interactions with a referee, coach or fan.

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