Patrick Van Aanholt had a brilliant response to Dele challenge request from fan

Two weeks into the new Premier League season and already there has been more drama than we could have hoped for.

Arsenal’s new era under Unai Emery is yet to cough into life, while Liverpool and Manchester City have shown some ominous early form.

Manchester United have constantly been in the headlines and for all the wrong reasons too.

Jose Mourinho’s third season syndrome has struck harder than ever before and now there are rumours the Portuguese could be out of a job by Christmas.

However, one of the oddest stories to come out of the Premier League so far, is the viral sensation that Dele Alli’s new celebration has become.

After scoring on the opening weekend, the English youngster performed a simple gesture with his hand that captured the imagination of the globe.

While Alli made it look easy, it proved to be anything but, as people posting videos of their attempts quickly became the next big thing on the internet.

Even Mauricio Pochettino got in on the act, proving during a press conference that he too could perform the celebration.

Now, however, just as the world was beginning to grasp the gesture, Alli has upped the stakes, complicating the move even further.

Some of the attempts at the new and improved finger combination have been hilarious, but there are a few people who are not getting caught up in the hype.

Patrick Van Aanholts response

During an informal Q & A on his Twitter channel, Crystal Palace defender Patrick Van Aanholt was asked to post a video of himself performing the challenge and his response might ruffle a few feathers.

Well then, safe to say that Pat is not a fan.

Van Aanholt not-so-subtly hinted that the Dele challenge is rather childish and that he didn’t want to waste his time attempting it.

The Dutchman might have a few angry messages to sift through in the coming days.

Van Aanholt’s focus must now shift to Palace’s clash with Watford on Sunday, where they will hope to return to winning ways after their loss to Liverpool.

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