JJ Redick claims that "pettiness" stopped the Clippers from being successful

Redick says a lack of chemistry was a major downfall for the Clippers

With a star-studded big three of Chris Paul, Blake Griffin and DeAndre Jordan, the Los Angeles Clippers had one of the best rosters in the NBA for six years.

They played some of the most attractive basketball in the league and were serial contenders in the Western Conference.

They were also led by a championship-winning coach in Doc Rivers.

But for one reason or another, they failed to get over the hump and never made it past the second round of the playoffs.

Luck certainly didn't play its part as both Griffin and Paul suffered injuries in the postseason on more than one occasion.

There was a huge window of opportunity for the Clippers but they were unable to seize it.

The Clippers had one of the most talented rosters

Famous collapse

Their best chance came in 2015 when they held a 3-1 lead over the Houston Rockets in round two and were on the brink of securing a conference finals spot for the first time in franchise history.

But they suffered one of the biggest collapses in NBA history as they somehow conspired to lose the series 4-3.

They struggled to recover from that setback and didn't get that close to winning a championship again.

With Paul, Griffin and Jordan all departing the team in the last year, there will always be a sense of what if.

The Clippers have moved on from their famous big three

To this day, many still wonder what happened to the Clippers and veteran JJ Redick, who was also on the team, recently explained how a lack of chemistry was one of their biggest downfalls.

"I don't think there was one moment. Doc used to always talk about how when one group was together for a long period of time, instead of getting closer together you end up pointing fingers at each other," Redick said on Barstool Sports' Pardon My Take podcast.

"It was weird because separately everybody was really cool with each other, off the court everybody sort of got along. And then, there was just so much pettiness, it was just pettiness.

"It's weird to think what we had the potential to accomplish and what ultimately derailed that was pettiness. Like, Donald Trump-level pettiness."

The 34-year-old also left Los Angeles for pastures new as he signed with the Philadelphia 76ers last summer.

A lot has been revealed in the last 12 months about the relationships within the locker room.

Paul reportedly had fallings out with Griffin and coach Rivers and it signalled the beginning of the end for the talented group.

They could've achieved something special but it appears that, unfortunately, factors beyond basketball got in the way.

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