Xavier Woods has shone some light on rumours that The New Day are going to split-up


The New Day have been one of the most successful WWE teams of recent years - although no one would have guessed that when they were first put together.

Having really got going in early 2015, The New Day wasn't exactly well received by fans who saw their power of positivity as a little too much to bear.

But Kofi Kingston, Xavier Woods, and Big E would use that to their advantage, riding the wave of negativity and slowly becoming one of the most entertaining teams the WWE had to offer.

It's been quite a ride since; the trio have won multiple tag-team championships, hosted Wrestlemania, and all in all, been one of the most consistent parts of WWE ever since.

But with it being nearly four years since they debuted, the inevitable question is: when will they turn on each other?

Everyone always turns on everyone, after all - that's the rule in WWE.

Be it best friends or brothers, someone ends up hitting someone else in the back with a chair, even if they do end up back together down the road.

And in an interview with our very own Alex McCarthy, Xavier Woods has opened up on how likely that is with The New Day.

"I don't remember a group in wrestling that hasn't turned on itself," said Woods. "Or they'll turn and then come back and be a group again.

"New Day, I'm telling you this right now, New Day will never turn, ever, and that's because we have zero desire to ever do that.

"I have no desire to go to work and not work with my friends. Because like you said, people say on Twitter 'Oh, New Day's doing this, Big E's going to turn and this is happening' or 'Woods is the snarky one, he's going to turn' or 'Kofi's been at the top of the mountain before, he's going to turn'.

"Why? We're having the most fun we've ever had in our careers. It's not like anyone's said 'I need to sabotage my friends to be champ!' - what is it to be champ when you're champ by yourself?

"If you're standing up there alone in this cold, mountainous castle, that's not fun. I want to be up there with my friends - and then especially, if Kofi wins the heavyweight title, I'm also heavyweight champion because we have the New Day rule.

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"So, just basic mathematics! We have a better way of becoming heavyweight champion if we stay a group and we just share it!

"There's your answer, internet! We will all retire before we turn! And this is not 'oh he's saying this because it's happening! My government name is Austin Watson! Austin Watson is telling you: that is the truth."

It seems pretty safe to say that the New Day won't be breaking up anytime soon.

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