WWE Smackdown Live Results: Two Big Matches Added to Hell in a Cell Pay-Per-View


Toronto's double-header of WWE events came to an end this evening with a huge episode of Smackdown Live.

Through social media, General Manager Paige announced that there would be two triple threat matches to determine the next contenders for The New Day's Tag Team Championships.

The Bar, The Club and The Colons, the latter featuring together for the first time since November 2017, will battle for the chance to face the winners of next week's triple threat.

As well as this, Carmella would get a one-on-one rematch for the Smackdown Live Women's Championship that she lost to Charlotte Flair at SummerSlam in a triple threat featuring Becky Lynch.

Here are all the results from Smackdown Live:


Last week, Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods were able to finally topple Harper and Rowan to win their fifth tag team title as a team. As they began their celebration, a royal guest came to the ring. The original five-time champion, Booker T, gave The New Day his official blessing before performing his signature Spinaroonie in the middle of the ring. Woods, E and Kingston also did their own take on the famous dance move before moving to their own announce booth.

Rating: 6/10

A feel-good start to Smackdown Live left the crowd extremely happy. The New Day is as entertaining today as they were years ago, which is hard to accomplish in WWE today. It was also good to incorporate Booker T, as Raw last night had Trish Stratus returning as a surprise too.


In this match, only two men would legal in the ring at any time despite there being three teams involved. The Colons, in their first match for nearly 9 months, controlled the early part of the match on Karl Anderson. Abs Anderson's partner, Luke Gallows, received the compulsory hot tag and nailed a Superkick on Primo Colon. 

Chaos ensued as everybody got in their fair share of signature moves. The Club tried to hit Magic Killer but Epico interrupted and opened the door for Cesaro to pin Luke Gallows and secure the win.

Rating: 6/10

A shorter than expected match ended with Sheamus and Cesaro one step closer to winning their first tag titles on Smackdown. The Colons got in a fair bit of offence considering it was their first match since November 2017 but looked good. They weren't involved in the finish either which was a bit of a surprise, as many presumed they had been added to the match to protect one of the other teams from eating the pin.


Jeff Hardy, with the letters RKO painted across his face, made his way to the ring and said he wasn't finished with Randy Orton. He reminded the audience of last week when he performed the Swanton Bomb onto Orton through a wooden table. He demanded Orton come to the ring so he could finish what The Viper started.

Orton would not fight Hardy on his terms and reminded Jeff of the three most important letters in sports entertainment are R, K and O. Hardy intervened and said he would take Orton to hell alongside him as they battled inside Hell in a Cell.

Rating: 4/10

This segment had a slightly awkward ending as Hardy just announced the match with Orton not saying anything in reply. Also, Orton said he would not fight Hardy on his terms but then Hardy was the one who confirmed the match. Not as good as their match last week but at least it confirmed their big pay-per-view match.


Naomi looked to defeat Billie Kay after losing to IIconic Duo partner Peyton Royce last week. The Australian pair came out and said Naomi was going to lose and that the Toronto Raptors suck, causing the crowd to burst into a chant supporting their NBA team.

The match was swift, with Kay taking a lot of damage before almost running into Royce on the apron. However, Royce dodged and hit Naomi with a Roundhouse Kick whilst the officials back was turned and Kay got the roll-up win.

Rating: 5/10

A slightly dull segment as The IIconics failed to work the crowd chant into the promo. Alexa Bliss is a master of manipulating the crowd chants into her promos and it seemed the perfect opportunity for Kay and Royce to do this. The crowd overshadowed the final lines of their promo and the match offered very little. Kay needed Royce to get the win over Naomi, making them look weak.


Bryan, with wife Brie Bella, hit the ring and spoke about their rivalry with Miz and Maryse - saying how good it was to punch The Miz in the face last week. Almas and his business manager Vega interrupted the married couple and spoke about what an impact Almas has had on Smackdown Live, pushing AJ Styles to the limit and putting Sin Cara on the shelf.

Paige then made the match official for that moment between Almas and Bryan, a first time ever affair. It began and continued at an extremely fast pace. Bryan hit his running dropkicks but Almas had a counter for most of his offence. The Miz and Maryse watched on from backstage before leaving their viewing area and heading to ringside. 

Bryan flew through the ropes onto The Miz but Almas capitalised and hit Bryan with several moves before missing a Moonsault. Bryan locked in the Yes Lock, Vega got punched by Brie. Brie got thrown into the barricade by Maryse and The Miz hit Bryan from behind to call off the match. Maryse then delivered a vicious DDT to Brie Bella whereas The Miz hit his Skull Crushing Finale onto Bryan.

Rating: 8/10

A really good that was heating up to a brilliant ending was cut short by The Miz and Maryse. It perfectly fits their characters and they looked incredibly strong, using Almas and Vega to help destroy their arch-enemies. It made everyone look forward to an inevitable Almas and Bryan feud as well as hyping the Hell in a Cell contest between the Mizanins and the Danielson's.


AJ Styles, the current WWE Champion, demanded Samoa Joe come to the ring as he makes the rules on Smackdown. Joe appeared backstage on the phone to Styles' wife, Wendy, promising to make an appearance at the Styles household next week. Styles ended the segment running back up the ramp.

We did briefly see Styles running backstage but there was no confrontation with Joe.

Rating: 3/10

Another awkward ending to another promo segment on Smackdown. AJ just ran up the ramp after we saw Joe calling Wendy backstage, again with no words in reply to Joe. It felt unnatural and an abrupt end to the promo. Joe did tease going to AJ's house next week, which could be extremely entertaining if done right.


Flair won the title at SummerSlam just over a week ago but the win was scarred by the Becky Lynch attack post-match. Carmella tried to win the match quickly with a roll-up but Flair was able to kick out. The Princess of Staten Island then began to slow down Flair with holds and then pushed her off the top turnbuckle into the barricade as she looked to use some high-flying offence. Carmella then flew between the bottom and middle rope, delivering a crossbody and confirming her control of the match.

'Mella then produced a stunning Frankensteiner from the top turnbuckle but was only able to hold Flair down for two and a half. Two Superkicks in a row were still not enough to put Flair away. However, the tides changed quickly when Flair hit a Spear and Natural Selection back to back before then locking in the Figure Eight for the submission victory and retaining her title.

However, it was not over there. Becky Lynch came from behind Flair and knocked her down, raining punches on the champion. She demanded a microphone and said that come Hell in a Cell, she was taking her title back from Charlotte Flair. She ended the segment by calling her former best friend a b*tch. 

Rating: 7/10

The match was pretty solid between Flair and Carmella. Carmella looked like a legitimate threat to the current champion and held on for a long time before eventually tapping out. Lynch was the highlight of the segment and still has the crowd firmly on her side, despite supposedly being the bad guy. She beat down Flair and used a word that is very rarely used on WWE television without being bleeped by the production team. She seems like a legit badass and is the most relevant she has been in a long time.

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