Enes Kanter admits he trash talks LeBron James to try and "take his focus away"

Enes Kanter and LeBron James had an interesting on-court altercation last year at Madison Square Garden which created a feud between the two players. 

They squared up to each other during a regular season encounter between the New York Knicks and Cleveland Cavaliers before they were separated by teammates. 

Both men then exchanged a war of words off the court but while LeBron left it there, Kanter continued to troll his counterpart on numerous occasions throughout the campaign. 

The Turk often took to Twitter to poke fun at James at any given opportunity. 

Stepping up to the King

In a recent interview with ESPN’s Royce Young, he was asked why he has a problem with the four-time MVP. 

“With LeBron, it was weird because when I was with the Thunder I remember watching games, highlights when the Cavs were blowing out the Knicks at MSG. And then they started playing the “bottle flip” game. I was like, “This is disrespectful, man … this is messed up,” he said.


“And then it was the first game I was with the Knicks and then he came and before the game he said we should’ve drafted Dennis Smith Jr.

“And not just me, but most of our guys felt like it was disrespectful to Frank [Ntilikina] and we actually sat down with Frank and talked to him and said, “Hey you gotta step up for yourself, man.”

“Then I was in the game and they were pushing each other and I’m like, “This is a 19-year-old kid against a 260-pound dude. This is not fair.”

“So I get in there and we were face-to-face and we trash-talked a little bit. After the game I called him “queen” or “princess” or whatever.

“But I would do anything to take his focus away, distract him. People ask me, “Does it work?” No it does not work. But I’m trying.”

It seemingly all stemmed from James saying the Knicks made a mistake passing on Smith Jr. in last year’s draft.

During that game in New York, the King bumped Ntilikina and Kanter quickly came to the defence of his young teammate and took matters into his own hands.

But the center was willing to bury the hatchet as he attempted to recruit LBJ to join the Knicks this summer. 

Unsurprisingly, it didn’t work as he signed a four-year deal to join the Los Angeles Lakers instead. 

It means the pair will only see each other twice next season but it’ll be fascinating to see if their feud continues. 

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