Manu Ginobili says he'll continue to "contribute" to the Spurs after his retirement

It’s the end of an era in San Antonio as Manu Ginobili – the last remaining member of the famous big three – announced his retirement on Monday.

The 41-year-old finally called time on an illustrious career that saw him win four championships with the Spurs in his 16 seasons.

ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski reported last week that the veteran was “seriously considering” retirement, so the decision didn’t come as a huge surprise.

Ginobili made the announcement with a heartfelt post on his Twitter account but he spoke in more detail on a column he wrote for Argentine newspaper La Nacion.

Clear intentions

The legendary shooting guard explained how it was always his intention to retire after the 2017-18 campaign.

“I can’t say this was a hasty or unexpected decision,” Ginobili wrote, per ESPN. “I’m 41 years old. I’ve been stretching a little bit this basketball thing, right?

“In my head, last season was at all times ‘the last one.’ I never said it publicly because I didn’t want to limit my options.

“I wanted to leave the door open for any changes in my mind or to see if I still felt the physical and mental strength needed to face a new season.”

The two-time All-Star went on to say that he’ll be offering his services to the Spurs and will be contributing to the team in some way.

Despite not being employed by the franchise in an official capacity, Tim Duncan still often spends a lot of time in their practice facility and Ginobili could do the same.

“I was sure to make it clear to [Spurs coach Gregg Popovich] this is not a ‘goodbye, I’ll see you,'” he added.

“My kids have already started school, and while I’m in town, I’ll be close to the team and the franchise.

“I can’t help anymore by taking a charge or with a steal, but I’ll try to contribute somehow. I appreciate all my teammates, the staff and all the people in the team.

“I want the best for the Spurs. If I can help, I will do it with pleasure.”

As well as his success in the NBA, the former Sixth Man of the Year won an Olympic Gold Medal with Argentina in the 2004 Olympics as well as a Euroleague title and Euroleague Finals MVP.

A place in the Hall of Fame awaits him and it’ll be the icing on the cake of a truly memorable career.

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