Kevin Magnussen unimpressed with Fernando Alonso’s behaviour at Monza


Kevin Magnussen has labelled McLaren driver Fernando Alonso as “disrespectful” due to the Spaniard’s on and off track behaviour at Monza.

Magnussen and Alonso clashed out on track during Saturday’s qualifying for the Italian GP.

The Spanish enigma got the tow off Magnussen into Turn 1 after the Dane passed him at the start of a hot lap.

Alonso desperately tried to overtake the Dane on the outside heading into the first chicane, however, they ended up getting in each others’ way, ruining both laps.

The two-time world champion laughed off the encounter on his team radio and later suggested that Magnussen should have given up his place.

However, the Dane fired back in post-session interviews, claiming that Alonso ‘thinks he’s he’s a god.’

Magnussen explained: “I think we know that Fernando is a bit of an opportunist.

“We’ve seen that about him quite a few times in his career with his teams as well trying different things that didn’t always work out.

“He thought he could have the perfect slipstream and overtake me and then gain. I’m not going to let him past me and sacrifice my own lap. No way!”

Magnussen not impressed with Alonso

The stewards declared it to be a racing incident only for Alonso to add insult to injury when he spoke to Magnussen after the collision.

“He came to me after qualifying and laughed in my face. It’s just outright disrespectful. I can’t wait for him to retire,” said Magnussen.

“I don’t care to speculate why he did it. I think it was pretty stupid and not necessary.”

Alonso will not accept the blame for the incident, insisting that the Dane’s refute to give up his position ‘was not a very clever move.’

“I think on the out lap we were all together with three or four seconds between the cars. At the last moment inside the Parabolica he decided to fill the gap I was opening with the car in front and we started the lap together,” said Alonso.

“You arrive into Turn 1 together and it was not a very clever move. For me it doesn’t change much because I probably couldn’t be in Q3 today anyway with the performance. For him he could be in Q3 and he decided in the last moment something that is maybe not very clever.”

The Spaniard finished up qualifying in 13th position, two places behind Magnussen who qualified 11th.

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