Khalil Mack: Here's what Madden 19 makes of the Bears - Raiders trade

Denver Broncos vs Oakland Raiders

This NFL off-season has had some very big moments. 

Richard Sherman is now a 49er, Tyrann Mathieu is a Texas and the Aaron Donald saga ended with him and the Los Angeles Rams finally getting together and hammering out a monster contract for the league's best defensive tackle.

Speaking of one of the top defensive players in the entire league, the Khalil Mack situation is resolved - and it's going to hurt fans of the Raiders. 

No More Mack

With Mack and new head coach Jon Gruden seemingly not even talking to each other, there were always hints and rumours that a trade could be on the cards.

And last night, it happened. The Raiders shipped Mack off to the Chicago Bears to the surprise of fans all around the league, with first round picks in 2019 and 2020 as well as a 2020 3rd coming back to Oakland with Chicago not just getting Mack but somehow finessing the Raiders out of their 2020 2nd round pick. The cherry on the top. Amazing.

While the Raiders did get two first round picks, the consensus on social media and among analysts is that they got absolutely fleeced. You don't just give up an NFL Defensive Player of the Year in his prime.

Madden Mocks The Move

The move seems ridiculous, and to see just how awful it is, some intrepid fans took to Madden 19, to see what EA Sports' latest offering thinks of the trade. The results are quite something. 

Shocker, the trade was hilariously declined by the Raiders.

The interest level is barely above 50% and that big red line indicates that it is going to take a lot more to get the pass-rusher. 

The icing on the cake: "The Raiders have no interest in this trade. Make a better offer."

If only the real life Raiders front office were as smart as the simulation. 

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