The 5 most surprising moves of NFL roster cut day

NFL roster cut day is a pretty big one in the calendar as teams have to assess what they’ve seen from the preseason and cut down their roster to just 53. 

General managers and front offices can’t please the fans with every one of their decisions as they try to build winning rosters ahead of the 2018 season. 

But there are some moves that just beggar belief. And that is what we are going to be looking at today and yes, we’re cheating a bit, because not all the moves on this list are roster cuts. 

1) Raiders send Mack Packing

Khalil Mack won the NFL Defensive Player of the Year award in 2016, just his third year in the league. Now, a year removed from that dominating season, he’s out at Oakland. 

After seemingly not being able to work out a long-term contract extension with the Raiders, or if Jon Gruden just couldn’t be bothered, the decision was made to send him off to the Chicago Bears – in exchange for two future first round picks.

The move has been derided by many and for good reason. You spend your first round picks on players you hope to be great…like Khalil Mack! 

2) The Cowboys Cut Bailey

In what was definitely the biggest shock cut of the entire day, the Dallas Cowboys decided to say goodbye to their long-serving kicker, Dan Bailey. 

Bailey ranks third in points scored, first in made field goals, and first in field goal percentage in Cowboys franchise history.

You have to think that teams will be bending over backward to pick Bailey up on the biggest waiver wire day of the year.

3) Raiders cut Martavis Bryant

Oh look, they’re back. The Raiders traded for Bryant back in the spring, sending a third-round pick to the Pittsburgh Steelers to get the talents of the troubled receiver who struggled to stay on the field. 

And now he’s gone. The Raiders, who seem to love their draft picks more than their star player, just gave away a third to have the pleasure of Bryant’s company for training camp and the preseason. 

4) Corey Coleman has left the building

Well, the Buffalo Bills saw what happened in Oakland and just decided to copy Jon Gruden and the Raiders move of throwing away a draft pick. 

One of the first big moments in this years edition of Hard Knocks was the Browns being so disappointed with their former first-round pick that they decided to ship him after just two seasons. 

They took a 7th rounder from Buffalo and the Bills have now decided they don’t fancy having Coleman on their roster either and cut him, despite the fact that he becomes a $3.5 million dead money hit against their 2018 cap.

5) The Raiders trade for AJ McCarron

Oh for goodness sake, Oakland. Not content with shipping out their star man and deciding to get rid of the man they invested a day-two draft pick in, the Raiders decided to throw away another selection.

They gave up a fifth-round draft choice to acquire quarterback AJ McCarron to be their back up. That’s the same AJ McCarron who struggled massively all the way through preseason and got beat out by Josh Allen – whose only talent is throwing the ball really bloody hard. 

We’re sorry, but we had to do it. Congrats to all the teams that didn’t make this list. Raiders fans, we’re really sorry.

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