WWE Raw Results: Shawn Michaels Summons Old Foe and New Tag Team Champions Crowned


Raw came from Columbus, Ohio with a stacked episode planned.

Hall of Famer Shawn Michaels was scheduled to appear ahead of the grudge match between The Undertaker and Triple H at Super Showdown and whispers around Ohio suggested The Undertaker could be backstage.

Also, Brie and Nikki Bella would be back in action for the first time as they face The Riott Squad and The Revival challenge The B Team for the Raw Tag Team Championships.

With a packed show lined-up, here are all the results you need:


After showing a video package from the main event last week and presenting Renee Young at the commentary booth again, Raw kicked off with Strowman claiming he was taking what is rightfully his at Hell in a Cell - The Universal Championship. Ziggler claimed they were the best group in WWE history, better than The Nation of Domination and D Generation X.

The Shield interrupted, entering the arena through the crowd. They tried to surround the ring but Constable Corbin, the acting GM whilst Kurt Angle is away, sent the entire locker room to ringside to try and stop the carnage. Ambrose, Reigns and Rollins were able to fight off everyone and escape the clutches of all the superstars and chase Strowman and his new friends backstage. 

Once the action continued, we saw Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns being loaded into the back of a police van in handcuffs.

Rating: 6/10

Who doesn't love a full locker room showdown? Both heel and face superstars tried to stop the fighting and they did so but everyone got a clubbing at the hands of The Shield. Having The Shield arrested was a good move too, but I expect to see them reappear later in the show.


Announced as teaming for the first time in three years, Nikki and Brie Bella faced Liv Morgan and Sarah Logan with Ruby Riott at ringside. Morgan immediately mocked Nikki with the John Cena 'You Can't See Me' but ran away and got Logan into the match.

Nikki got in some good, unique offence but then Brie tagged in and took some damage at the hands of Liv Morgan. However, Brie rallied the crowd behind her and got the Yes Kicks in but then missed the dive to the outside to allow Logan back into the match.

Nikki got the hot tag and went hard of Morgan, nailing the flying Enziguiri too. However, once Brie got back into the ring, she again attempted a dive to the ramp-side of the arena onto Logan and Riott but came up way short and hitting the ground hard, head first.

Back inside the ring, Nikki hit the Rack Attack 2.0 on Morgan to get the win.

Rating: 5/10

The main talking point is Brie's two hard falls. The Suicide Dive is a risky move and sadly, Brie missed it twice. She didn't get enough momentum in between the ropes and fell hard, the second time especially. The ring rust sadly showed but Nikki looked good and it was nice to see The Bellas back in action. Their win was very much expected in their return.


Gable started the match for this new team and instantly began suplexing Konnor but Viktor tagged in and dominated The Glorious One, grounding him temporarily. However, Gable tagged in and stole the show. A Cannonball to Konnor, followed by a Missile Dropkick and powerful Suplex to Viktor was enough to secure the win.

Rating: 5/10

This is quite an interesting team but one that could work well. Both men didn't have any active feuds so it made sense to put them together and Gable especially looked superb. He is a very solid wrestler who hasn't been given a good chance on Raw recently and a programme with Roode could push him better as a singles competitor. 


Elias initially kicked off this segment in the ring, slating the Ohio crowd. Alexa Bliss, flanked by Mickie James and Alicia Fox, made her way to the ring in her hometown. She initially worked with the crowd and praised Ohio but turned quickly against them to the displeasure of the WWE Universe. After flirting with Elias a little, she got him to play a song but he was quickly interrupted by the Raw Women's Champion, Ronda Rousey and shortly after, Natalya.

Natalya looked good in the match, getting some of her signature, high paced offence in. However, Bliss had clearly been practicing her Jui-Jitsu as she sank in a deep Armbar on Natalya and forced the submission win. Ronda quickly got in the ring after the match and hip-tossed Alicia Fox about but Bliss was able to sneak up and get in a few strikes before Rousey fought back.

Rating: 6/10

The pre-match stuff with Elias and Bliss was better than the in-ring competition here. The match was short but Bliss did well and it added to the story with her using the Armbar submission move, that is usually Rousey's signature maneuver. 


After a chat with Baron Corbin, in which the Constable explained that they could possibly have a title shot if The Revival could not compete, Ziggler and McIntyre went after Dash and Dawson backstage. They found them talking to Charly Caruso and went to work, throwing the Top Guys around the interview area.

JoJo introduced The B Team's opponents for the evening and The Revival's music played but nobody appeared. Then, Ziggler and McIntyre entered and took the title shot for themselves.

It wasn't plain sailing for the challengers, as Dallas and Axel took early control of the match by sending both Ziggler and McIntyre to the outside. McIntyre was able to wear down both members of The B Team with rest holds but Axel got the hot tag and went to town on Ziggler.

It was shortlived, as McIntyre interfered as the illegal man and used his brute strength to get rid of Dallas, slamming him into the turnbuckle. A Superkick followed by the Claymore and ZigZag combination was enough for Drew to pin Curtis Axel and win his first piece of WWE Silverware since returning to the main roster. 

Rating: 5/10

The match again, was short, but completely unexpected at the start of Raw. We all expected The Revival and most knew that The B Team could beat The Revival clean. Beating Ziggler and McIntyre clean was a different story and as soon as the match was made, it became clear what was going to happen. Dallas and Axel have their title run cut short.


The Authors of Pain, now just called AOP and managed by 205 Live GM Drake Maverick, made light work of some enhancement talent. They used running Clotheslines and the Super Collider to get an easy win.

Rating: 3/10

This segment threw up so many questions. How did Maverick end up managing AOP? Why is he managing a heel team as a face general manager on another show? Why is he wearing AOP's ring gear too? It doesn't make much sense and hopefully, they explain it over time but at least it gets AOP back on TV and not facing Titus Worldwide. 


For the first time since RAW 25, Shawn Michaels appeared on WWE TV. Donning his new short haired look, he backed his oldest friend, Triple H, in Melbourne at WWE Super Showdown. Despite knowing and wrestling both of them in his hall of fame career, he said there was nothing that The Undertaker could do to change his mind.


The iconic noise blasted across the arena and the lights dimmed. The Undertaker appeared and made his signature walk to the ring. He grabbed a mic and spoke to Shawn about how he has beaten both Triple H and HBK in the ring. 

Michaels said that he is a man of his word. He has stayed retired because he is a man of his word despite the crowd always chanting for one more match. The most recent rumours of a Shawn Michaels match were back in 2017 when fans wanted him to face AJ Styles at the Royal Rumble event.

The Undertaker said that he hadn't stayed retired because of respect for The Deadman but that it was out of fear of him. He knew that he was the one man that Michaels would be going for if he did return and that in Melbourne, he would defeat his buddy Triple H.

Rating: 10.5/10

This segment was truly perfect. It was rumoured that The Undertaker was backstage but nobody expected him to appear in the ring. His interaction with Michaels was amazing, even teasing a future match between the two despite Michaels being retired. The crowd was so split, cheering both The Deadman and The Heartbreak Kid. The nostalgia was real and it was easily the best segment on Raw.


Scarily, Ember Moon took a lot of the strikes in this match although she did perform a lovely Crossbody. Dana Brooke had to deal with both Titus and Apollo Crews at ringside shouting instructions. They ended up distracting her and allowing Bayley to roll-up Brooke for the quick win.

Post-match, Brooke said she has had enough with both Crews and O'Neil before storming off to the back alone.

Rating: 2/10

Another really short match that didn't progress Sasha Banks and Bayley's relationship. It's the rivalry that everyone wants to see but creative seem to keep us waiting. We did see Brooke seemingly quit Titus Worldwide, leaving her career in jeopardy.


According to Bobby Lashley's performance review from Baron Corbin, he was too violent and a threat to the rest of the roster, therefore, he had to undertake some meditation from Jinder Mahal in the ring.

He met Mahal in the ring and sat on a rug with him, beginning to laugh at Mahal and Sunil Singh whilst they meditated. From out of nowhere, Kevin Owens appeared and attacked Lashley from behind. He hit an initial Superkick and then used his devastating Apron Powerbomb to lay out The Dominator.

Rating: 6/10

It is brilliant to see Kevin Owens go crazy, even though it has only been a week since he 'quit' in the middle of the ring. That powerbomb move has put people on the shelf for a while, so hopefully, it does the same for Lashley and makes Owens look great.


The leader of Balor Club was originally scheduled to face Baron Corbin but the GM said he was too busy to face Balor tonight so instead but Braun Strowman in the main event. Strowman was accompanied by the new tag champions, Ziggler and McIntyre, whilst Corey Graves informed us that The Shield has made bail after being arrested earlier in the night. 

Strowman dominated much of the early match as expected due to the vast size difference between the two but Balor was resilient, countering Strowman's running attack with a Slingblade. The match continued to tell a good story as Balor looked to wear down Strowman with a sleeper hold.

It was to no avail, as Strowman was able to counter one particular submission into a Powerslam and easily pick up the win. Once the win was confirmed, the three bad guys went to work on Balor and continued the assault.

Police sirens sounded and a Police van entered from the side of the stage with Roman Reigns at the wheel. He opened the back doors to reveal his Shield partners, Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins. They stood on the ramp but as they began to stride to the ring, they were attacked from behind by a stream of superstars.

Led in front by Kevin Owens, The Shield was attacked by various heel performers including AOP, The Ascension, Jinder Mahal, Mike Kanellis, Mojo Rawley and even Drew Gulak from 205 Live. They threw Reigns, Ambrose and Rollins across the arena. Rollins went through the van window, Ambrose was laid to waste on the announce table and Reigns suffered a Powerslam on the floor from Hell in a Cell opponent, Braun Strowman.

The last shot was of the new tag team champions alongside Strowman standing tall in the ring over a lifeless Shield faction surrounded by plenty of heel Raw superstars.

Rating: 7/10

The match was almost forgotten about by the time the show ended but it told a good story of a small guy trying to wear down The Monster Among Men. Strowman looked strong in the end as he powered out a submission and delivered his Powerslam for the easy win. The Shield returning was no surprise but to see them get manhandled in the way they were was shocking. It looks good for them though as it took over 10 superstars to keep them down but it asks plenty of questions as to what was the bad guys motive? 

This was a pretty bonkers episode of Raw that contained everything: Surprise appearances, random tag teams and changing matches. The new tag team champions are almost forgotten about as so much happened after!

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