New details about Girona vs Barcelona in the US have been leaked

La Liga caused a huge stir when they announced their intention to move some of their games to the USA.

Spain’s top-flight will be the first of Europe’s top five leagues to do so, but it’s a decision which hasn’t gone down well at all.

In fact, the captains of La Liga’s 20 clubs – including Lionel Messi and Sergio Ramos – are all against the idea.

While the venture could bring a lot more revenue to clubs and the division as a whole, it’s not exactly fair on fans. Not to mention the added travelling time for players.

But it seems as if the plan is going ahead, with Girona’s home game against Barcelona set to be the first to move to the US.

While that news has been common knowledge for some time, the details behind it haven’t really revealed.

However, Catalan publication Sport have published a report explaining all the changes that the clubs can expect.

The game will take place on January 27 in Miami, with the Hard Rock Stadium – the home of the Miami Dolphins – set to be the venue, which holds 65,326 fans.

For Girona fans who want to make the journey, there will be 1,500 free flights for season-ticket holders and there’s the possibility of a free night’s stay in a hotel.

All fans would have to do is pay a €600 deposit for flight and hotel, which they would get back after the game.

If they don’t wish to go to Miami, there’s the possibility of 5,000 free tickets for the game at the Nou Camp, plus a 20% return on their season ticket.

Should they not want to go the Nou Camp either, Girona fans will receive 40% of their money back on their season tickets.

Sport have said that Girona are unwilling to release how much money the expect to make off the venture, but they predict around €4m in total.

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