WWE Smackdown Live Results: Number One Contenders Match Confirmed for Next Week


Smackdown Live was scheduled to be broadcast from Detroit but we could see segments from Georgia. 

Samoa Joe last week said he would go pay AJ Styles' wife Wendy a visit, teasing a segment at the Styles' household.

Also scheduled was another triple threat tag team match that will determine who will face The New Day at Hell in a Cell.

And would we see the next installment of the Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair feud? Here are all the results from Smackdown Live:


After the events of last week, where The Miz and Maryse blindsided Bryan in his match with Andrade 'Cien' Almas, the married couple was looking for a fight.

The Miz and Maryse cut a promo earlier in the night, in an empty arena, calling out Bryan but obviously they did not appear. The It Couple had since left the Little Caesars Arena but Almas and business manager Zelina Vega appeared and it seemed as though they wanted to carry on where they left off last week.

Both men began by targeting each others left arm as Almas used an armbar with assistance from the top rope. Bryan completed a Suicide Dive to the outside but did catch his leg on the rope, similar to his wife's dive yesterday on Raw. Bryan got in the Yes Kicks on Almas whilst he was stuck in the Tree of Woe but Almas wriggled free and delivered a Standing Moonsault after flipping off the top rope moments earlier.

Bryan took the double knees in the corner but was able to regain control and hit his signature Running Knee for the pinfall victory. After the win, Brie sent Zega out of the ring with her own knee strike as she was tending to Almas. The Miz and Maryse appeared on the titantron from a restaurant in Detroit and said that as their paths did not cross tonight, they would have to wait until Hell in a Cell.

Rating: 7/10

The match between Bryan and Almas was great last week and tonight it was just as good. They work together well in the ring as the combination of strikes and power moves is just right. Bryan got his revenge by winning the match and Brie also got a bit of action as she sent Vega running too.


Flair and Lynch appeared in separate rooms to talk about their recent feud. The crowd was audibly on side with Lynch again as the two women verbally sparred back and forth. Charlotte said she lost her friend and at Hell in a Cell, she will not see her friend standing across from her. She knows she is the better competitor in the ring but Lynch wanted Charlotte to keep that title shiny for her.

Rating: 6/10

There was a good intensity between the two but having them in different locations did slightly spoil the party. We have seen how good it is when they get physical but tonight it remained calm and we didn't see that pure fire from Lynch that she has shown since her apparent heel turn. She was still getting cheered by the fans despite turning on her friend but she didn't say as much 'heelish' stuff this week, meaning they could be moving away from that slightly.


Royce got in a cheap slap early but as Naomi got sent to the outside quickly, she Sunset Flipped over the top rope and rolled-up Peyton for the win. Billie Kay immediately got inside the ring and kicked Naomi then proceeded to rain down strikes. They produced a double team move but Naomi had a friend, Asuka. 

The Empress made her way to the ring and got rid of both Royce and Kay before tending to Naomi.

Rating: 4/10

Seeing Asuka again was great as she has not had a match on Smackdown Live since July. The IIconics were as annoying as ever, which is what they are supposed to be. The match reminded me of the pre-evolution era where women's matches went on a matter of seconds rather than minutes. This could have had a few minutes at least.


Samoa Joe did not travel to Georgia this week to visit the Styles house. He actually wanted thanks from Wendy Styles, AJ's wife, as he had scared AJ enough to stay at home and actually spend some time with his family. Styles appeared on the titantron but then his entrance music hit and after a slight delay, he made his way to the ring.

He went after Joe and they traded blows. Joe got out a chair but Styles then used it, but narrowly missed Joe and hit the ring post. He performed a Springboard Crossbody but that was it as referees and Paige stopped Styles from causing further damage. 

Rating: 5/10

It was a shame we didn't see Joe go to the Styles household as we haven't seen that in an angle on WWE TV for years. They didn't do too much physically which is a shame, considering we have only seen Styles wrestle once on Smackdown since the middle of June. This feud is heating up nicely and the match has a lot on the line at Hell in a Cell, especially since the SummerSlam match went to a no-contest.


The winners of this triple threat would face Sheamus and Cesaro next week for the chance to face The New Day at Hell in a Cell for the tag titles. Aiden English was reunited with Rusev and performed his opening song as they entered the arena last but to the biggest cheer. 

Killian Dain and Eric Young of SAnitY wore down Jey Uso early as Rusev Day couldn't find a way to tag into the match. Jimmy Uso got the hot tag from his brother but Rusev was able to interrupt the momentum and take full advantage of a tired Eric Young.

Young hit a neckbreaker on Rusev but Jey Uso landed a Splash before he could get back to his feet. English breaks up a pin attempt by Young on Rusev by pushing his feet off the ropes. Young turns around and shouts at English but then turns straight into a Machka Kick by the Bulgarian Brute. Rusev pins Young and wins it for Rusev Day.

Rating: 7/10

This match had a main event feel about it but it was squeezed in just before. Everyone got a good showing in this match, especially Young and Dain who dominated much of the contest. Fans would love a Rusev Day title run but since they are fully pledged faces now, their chances of beating The Bar and facing The New Day are quite slim.


In hilarious backstage segments throughout the night, R-Truth was still looking for Carmella to try and beat her for a title shot. He confused Maryse for The Miz and The Miz began to insult Truth, telling him to stay away from his wife and saying that he was the less relevant now than seven years ago when they used to team together.

Carmella ended up accompanying Truth to the ring after hearing Maryse called her 'Staten Island trash' and played hype woman as Truth sang his entrance theme.

The Miz dominated the early match and taunted both Truth and Carmella whilst tying up Truth in submission holds. He performed Bryan's Yes Kicks and his signature Clothesline. Truth tried to regroup but The A-Lister got in a devastating DDT that almost gave him the victory. 

As The Miz was gearing up for his Skull Crushing Finale, the music of Daniel Bryan hit and he entered the arena alongside Brie Bella. The distraction was enough for R-Truth as he was then able to fold up Miz and get a quick victory. Bryan then made his way to the ring to attack The Miz but Andrade Almas came out and put a stop to the assault.

Vega also pulled out Brie from the ring and began attacking but it got quickly reversed and the show ended with The Miz and Maryse on the ramp watching as Brie and Daniel got Yes Locks sunk in on Almas and Vega. 

Rating: 8/10

R-Truth was brilliant all throughout the episode and looked really good in the ring with The Miz. They hadn't worked together in at least three years but they looked good and The Miz dominated much of the match as he is the bigger star heading into a big match.

However, it was good to see Brie and Daniel get the better of The Miz and Maryse this week, unlike the last episode. However, it was sad to see Almas and Vega take the brunt of the attack and be used to send a message in the ring. 

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