Doc Rivers says he hates seeing the ongoing feud between his 2008 Celtics players

Doc Rivers wishes his former players would patch things up

As Ray Allen prepares to be inducted into the Hall of Fame on Friday, former Boston Celtics head coach Doc Rivers believes it's a perfect time for his 2008 championship-winning team to mend fences.

The likes of Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce and Rajon Rondo fell out with Allen after he decided to leave the team in 2012 to join their Eastern Conference rivals, the Miami Heat, in free agency.

Their relationship became fractured from that moment and Rivers regrets how things have turned out between them.

"As years have gone on, things have been fractured, and I hate it. I hate seeing it," Rivers said, per ESPN's Chris Forsberg.

"I would love this [to be a] celebration for Ray. Not a lot to say here about it. Ray won us a title. He really did.

"I think he should be celebrated. I think he should be celebrated in Boston. He's responsible for that banner.

Rivers says Allen played a huge role in their 2008 title win

"If I had one wish, I wish I could do a better job of getting that group back together. I can get a lot of them back together; I just can't get the whole group.

"They really should be because they were so close, and it really hurts me to see what's going on."

Allen and Pierce spoke last summer and finally put their differences aside but the same can't be said for Garnett and Rondo.

It didn't help matters when Allen chose not to attend Pierce's jersey retirement last season whereas KG, Rondo and Rivers all attended together.

Ray Allen didn't join his old teammates at Pierce's jersey retirement

The legendary three-point marksman will deservedly be entered into the Hall of Fame but said he doesn't expect to receive any congratulatory messages from many of his ex-Boston teammates.

Rivers doesn't believe he'll ever be able to mend fences between the 43-year-old and Los Angeles Lakers guard Rondo.

"I've tried, I can tell you that," Rivers said. "It's a lot of little things. Here's the thing: You have two Hall of Fame guys as far as their competitiveness.

"The reason that Ray was who he is, Rondo was who he is, Kevin, Paul -- I think Paul has done the right thing as far as throwing out the olive branch.

Allen and Rondo had a frosty relationship even as teammates

"[But] it's also why we were really good is why they don't get along: very stubborn, very tough, very competitive and no one wants to give in."

Despite their frosty relationships, that team will always be linked because of their unforgettable title win 10 years ago.

It's just a shame that they can't let bygones be bygones.

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