Bernie Ecclestone does not think leading constructors would take Max Verstappen

Max Verstappen has had a controversial couple of days in the aftermath of the Italian Grand Prix.

He was given a five-second penalty for unfair defending at Monza, and followed the race by saying stewards are doing their best to kill racing in the sport

This penalty ruined his chances of a podium spot, and he eventually finished fifth.

“I know I’m losing time to Vettel, but I really don’t care,” he told his team.

A few fans were in support of the 20-year-old by thinking that the stewards were slightly unfair with their decision.

However, most agreed that this is yet another case of the young Red Bull driver losing his cool again.

This outburst has led to FIA race director Charlie Whiting saying that he may have a ‘little chat’ with Verstappen following his accusations of the race stewards ‘killing racing’.

The Dutchman is not directly looking for a new constructor, having re-signed with Red Bull last season, but these temper tantrums could jeopardise any possible future move.

There is, however, reportedly a clause in his contract that states if the new 2019 engine supplier Honda fail to produce the goods, he is allowed go.

If this turns out to be the case, for a 20-year-old who is fifth in the Drivers’ World Championship standings, the obvious choice would be to transfer to one of the two dominant constructors, Mercedes or Ferrari.

However, according to former F1 supremo Bernie Ecclestone, he will struggle to join either of these constructors as neither Lewis Hamilton or Sebastian Vettel would want him as their teammate.

“I don’t think any of the World Champions would want to have him in the team,” Ecclestone told Nico Rosberg in his latest ‘Beyond Victory’ podcast.

“I think he’d have a bigger job getting a seat in a [leading] team than Fernando [Alonso] has.

“I don’t think Ferrari would welcome him with open arms or Mercedes.”

“Put it this way, you wouldn’t be delighted if you were in a team… forget the word number one, but assume you were the top guy in the team and someone says ‘the guy who’s going to drive the other car is Verstappen’.

“That’s a different story.

“Sebastian wouldn’t want him, Lewis wouldn’t want him.”

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