Sebastian Vettel doesn’t expect support from Ferrari teammate Kimi Raikkonen

Ferrari driver Sebastian Vettel believes that teammate Kimi Raikkonen won’t play a supporting role for his ongoing challenge for the Formula One World Championship.

This comes after Vettel’s blunder in the Italian Grand Prix last weekend where a first lap collision with eventual winner, and rival, Lewis Hamilton sent him to back of the pack.

With the Singapore Grand Prix set for next weekend, the German is now 30 points behind Hamilton with only a couple months left of the calendar.

The questions of discomfort between the Ferrari drivers came about after the on-track scrap for position between the two through the first two corners at Monza.

When asked if it’s easier for Hamilton because his status above Valtteri Bottas is already well established while he is still racing against Raikkonen, Vettel said: “I can see the questions coming up, but for me I’m quite happy to fight three cars,” per ESPN.

“I’m happy to fight all 19 cars, I have never been in a different position to that.

“That’s fine, I don’t expect anything different to that.”

With Raikkonen 62 points behind his teammate in the current standings and just seven races to go, Vettel doesn’t believe they need to negotiate and reach an agreement despite the Finn being somewhat responsible for the lack of space Vettel had before making contact with Hamilton in Monza.

He added: “I don’t think we need to go through the start, that is probably more of a question for the team.

“For me, I am doing my job and I’m prepared to race everybody. As I said, I was trying to use my chances in the first corner and a little bit in the second chicane but it didn’t work.

“I think then it was a bit unfortunate with how things turned out and I turned around. I think everybody’s free to have whatever approach they want, but for us it is pretty clear and straightforward.”

Raikkonen will be relieved…

Next up is the Singapore GP and there is no more room for anymore more mistakes if Vettel is to have any chance of beating Hamilton to the title.

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