Pete Carroll reacts to reports of his favouritism towards Russell Wilson

In a very short amount of time, the Seattle Seahawks have gone from a Super Bowl champion, to a team struggling to make the playoffs.

In fact, it’s only taken four seasons for that to happen, which is pretty remarkable considering the talent which they had on their roster at one point.

Now, Pete Carroll probably has his biggest season to date as a head coach, as another season without postseason football could see him gone.

Many have pinpointed the reason as to why the Seahawks have fallen from grace in such a short amount of time despite the talent on the team is because of locker room rifts due to the team’s refusal to hold Russell Wilson accountable.

A recent story from Sports Illustrated cities this exact reason with interviews with former and current Seahawks players, but Carroll has dismissed this and any sort of favouritism towards his quarterback.

Carroll said, according to ESPN’s Brady Henderson: “Only that obviously I didn’t do a very good job of teaching, because one of the main principles in our teaching is that we’re not going to worry about what’s happened; all our focus goes on what’s coming right now.

“And so that’s a discipline that we learn, and I just haven’t taught it well enough. Whether you win or whether your lose or whatever happens, you need to move forward and leave stuff behind and go.

“So other than that, I don’t care about it.”

Carroll also denied seeing anything to suggest that some players have ill-feelings toward Wilson.

The Seahawks underwent huge changes to their roster this offseason, seeing a lot of members from their Super Bowl-winning team leave the franchise for one reason or another.

Richard Sherman and Micheal Bennett both left this offseason, while Cliff Avril and Kam Chancellor were forced to retire due to injury, leaving only Earl Thomas and Bobby Wagner from the team’s title-winning defense, but even Thomas wanted to go at one point.

It will be interesting to see how the team evolves over the next several years with these changes, and if Carroll will still be a part of it.

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