CM Punk sends Tyron Woodley a classy message following his performance at UFC 228


In the main event of UFC 228 on Saturday night, Tyron Woodley defended his Welterweight Championship against Darren Till. 

It was "The Chosen One's" fourth title defense - but this time, it seemed that the UFC were actually hoping for him to lose. 


It's fair to say that president Dana White hasn't shown too much support for his welterweight champ over the last few years.

More recently, White and co. have been very vocal about Woodley's disappointing fights with Stephen Thompson and Demian Maia - and they clearly favour a fresh, younger champion. 

But, once again on Saturday night, "T-Wood" proved exactly why the belt should remain around his waist. 


He dominated the fight, wearing down his challenger with some vicious ground and pound, before locking in a submission to finish it in round two.   

Making Till tap out to the D'Arce choke scored Woodley his first submission victory in nearly a decade - as he sent out a reminder that there's a lot left in the welterweight champ yet. 

Arguably, that wasn't the outcome that White was hoping for - and he now looks a little silly for thrusting "The Gorilla" into a title bout far too quickly.

UFC 228 Woodley v Till

Still though, Woodley's latest win probably won't change the UFC's attitude towards him too much - but he probably doesn't even care about that.

Partly because he's still the champ, and perhaps partly because he has a lot of support from other fighters - including CM Punk.


Punk, who has had a pretty poor MMA career himself, sent a message of support to Woodley, following the American's latest win.  

"And still. @TWooodley is the best dude. Great friend, teammate, son, father, husband...ya know, the important stuff. We love and respect him," Punk tweeted. 

Clearly, Tyron has a few influential fans in UFC - and it's good to see Punk send a genuine message of support to a fellow fighter. 

Whether White will follow suit and congratulate his champion in the aftermath of another title defense though, remains to be seen.  

One thing is clear though - and it's that Woodley is here to stay. 

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