Saquon Barkley scores an amazing first NFL touchdown against the Jaguars


Football is finally back and it's fair to say that the first NFL Sunday of the season produced some pretty amazing results. 

Not many people would have predicted that the Tampa Bay Buccaneers trip to New Orleans to face the Saints would have been the game of the week.

But it was. 


Against all the odds, the Bucs walked out of Louisiana with a win, beating the Saints 48-40 in one of the best games of recent memory.

Backup quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick was immense, throwing four touchdowns and 417 yards. He even rushed in for a score of his own, too.

He clearly outperformed his opposite number, Drew Brees, who only threw three TDs on Sunday afternoon.

The win will be remembered by Tampa Bay fans for a very long time - and after they were handed the toughest opening schedule in the NFL - it will seriously boost their chances of a strong season.

Interestingly though, the game that was tipped to be the most exciting of week one didn't quite live up to expectations like this one.  

The Bucs and the Saints stole the show in week 1


At the Metlife Stadium, the New York Giants and the Jacksonville Jaguars met in what many had hyped up as a clash between two of the league's best players. 

Giants wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr went head-to-head with Jags cornerback Jalen Ramsey - and one clearly came out on top. 

Ramsey and the rest of his D kept New York at bay for much of the game and they escaped with a 20-15 win on the road - picking up from where they left off last season. 

Ramsey and the Jags D kept Beckham Jr out of the end zone on Sunday

Although the hosts were widely frustrated on Sunday, there was one huge moment - as rookie running back Saquon Barkley broke big for his first ever NFL touchdown.

And he did it in style.


Late in the game, with the Giants down 20-9, Barkley burst into life with a monster 68-yard run, taking the ball from his own 32-yard line, all the way into the end zone.

Saquon Barkley broke big against the Jags late in the game

What makes it more impressive, is that his run was far from simple.

Saquon broke two tackles and cut to the right side, before tip-toeing past another two Jags defenders on the sideline, eventually bringing it to the house.  

Check it out below.

Brilliant. Bear in mind as well, that he did that against one of the NFL's most elite defenses. Welcome to the league, rookie. 

Despite Barkley's ridiculous TD, the Giants still suffered a loss in the opening week of the season.

But if their RB can perform like that in every game, they'll have a real chance of improving on their 3-13 finish in 2017.

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