Johnny Nelson isn't expecting Tyson Fury vs Deontay Wilder to happen this year

Deontay Wilder and Tyson Fury’s super fight might not be as close as many boxing fans and pundits think, according to former world champion Johnny Nelson.

Fury and Wilder have long been linked with a super fight for Wilder’s WBC Heavyweight world title, and after months of vocal sparring and tall talk, the fight now appears to be set to go ahead before the end of the year.

Whilst the prospect of a Fury-Wilder fight – and a potential fight afterwards against Anthony Joshua for the victor – has got many fans and pundits drooling alike, respected pundit and former cruiserweight and heavyweight world champion Johnny Nelson is not so convinced. 

“What’s going on there?” Nelson questioned when speaking to iFL TV. “I’m being a bit cynical, because when it was announced I thought ‘yes!’, big shout to Fury, big shout to Wilder for saying let’s get this on!

“But what surprises was that when he [Wilder] came over to announce that the fight has been done, why was there no venue? why was there no date?

“That was the perfect time to say that the fight is going to be at such and such venue, because if we [Wilder and Fury] confirm we’re going to fight, then we must have an idea of when they’re going to fight and where they’re going to fight”.

Despite both fighters camps confirming that they are set to face off against one another before the end of the year, very little else has been released by either camp in terms of confirming when and where the fight is going to go ahead. 

This has led some to question the legitimacy of the claims by both sides, especially given both fighter’s tendency to seemingly stretch the truth when it comes to both talking about their intentions to get the fight made, and as soon as possible.

“I just didn’t get it. Why fly him all the way over to watch the fight, to say that we’re definitely fighting each other. When?

“These things could have been prepared and forewarned before that night, and I think it would have been maximum exposure to say that Tyson Fury is fighting Deontay Wilder on this date, at this time, at this place”.

“I didn’t get that, and I’m still none the wiser.”

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