The Kansas City Chiefs embarrassed the Chargers with one play

Kansas City Chiefs v Los Angeles Chargers

In the modern day NFL, if you don't have a forward-thinking offensive coordinator or head coach leading your team then you're getting left behind. 

One just needs to look at Mike Shanahan in charge at the 49ers, the work Sean McVay has done since becoming the Los Angeles Rams head coach or how Frank Reich revolutionized the offense in Philadelphia before being placed in charge of the Indianapolis Colts. 

The King of them, however, has to be Andy Reid. He proved why on Sunday as his Kansas City Chiefs bowled over the Los Angeles Chargers 38-28. And there was something in particular that caught our eye...

Tyreek Hill may have opened the scoring with a punt return touchdown on his way to three TDs on the day, but we want to look at his third and final trip to the endzone.

Here's the touchdown in question...

Instead of trying to power Kareem Hunt through the Chargers defensive line, Andy Reid decided to send his speedy wide receiver around it instead.

Now the question is, does that play look familiar to you? Well, it should because we got a real sense of deja vu seeing it in action.

Why? Because the Chiefs ran the exact same play three times during the game and managed to fool the Chargers with it every single time.

With Tyreek Hill (or DeAnthony Thomas) lined up at a very untraditional H-back spot, the Chiefs O-Line and Kareem Hunt fake like Hunt is getting the ball on an off-tackle run to the right side of the field.

Instead, the player at the H-back spot (Hill or Thomas) takes off on a jet sweep counter to the other side and heads for green, green grass after collecting the pot pass from Mahomes.

The Chiefs ran this three times. It worked perfectly every single time. The Chargers defense fell for the run to the right side, leaving Hill and Thomas in acres of space to score and for Hill to pick up 22 yards on the other occasion.

One play. Multiple big plays and two touchdowns. Now that is simply phenomenal.

Wild Card Round - Tennessee Titans v Kansas City Chiefs

It's very reminiscent of a similar play the Chiefs used a lot last year, where tight end Travis Kelce took a shovel pass from Alex Smith in a play that looked like an option-pitch to the running back.

Play callers in the NFL pride themselves on staying unpredictable, especially on offense where the defense picking up on a play can prove disastrous and lead to turnovers - which is what happened to the Detroit Lions in their blowout loss to the Jets last night, with the Jets defenders knowing what was coming they were able to intercept Matt Stafford four times. 

The fact that Reid felt safe to roll this out three times on Sunday says a lot. 

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