WWE Smackdown Live Results: Big Matches Ahead of Hell in a Cell


For their last show before the always exciting Hell in a Cell pay-per-view, WWE announced much of Smackdown Live ahead of the programme commencing.

Brie Bella and Maryse would be in the main event whereas Shinsuke Nakamura would take on Jeff Hardy to open the show - read into that what you will...

Also on the show, R-Truth will face Andrade 'Cien' Almas whereas Smackdown's Women's Champion Charlotte Flair will take on Sonya Deville.

Perhaps the most exciting match on the card is between The Bar and Rusev Day, with the winner going on to face The New Day at Hell in a Cell.

Here are all the results from Smackdown Live:


After WWE's classy 11 bell salute in remembrance of 9/11, Hardy made his way to the ring and cut a promo saying that he himself, has been through Hell. Once he ran through Nakamura, he would make it to hell.

Hardy took early control in the match, throwing Nakamura into the barricade and then producing a Stinger Splash with the aid of the ring steps to leave WWE's Rockstar reevaluating his tactics. Nakamura used rest holds to try and gain an advantage but after a Whisper in the Wind connected, Nakamura took control with a venomous knee strike and a dropkick to send Hardy outside the ring.

Just as Hardy looked to have the match won, he went to the top rope but Randy Orton appeared and threw him off the top turnbuckle. Orton threw Hardy into the steps and used a chair multiple times. He was preparing for the RKO but Hardy dodged it and managed to get hold of the chair. He then returned the torture to Orton's body, before hitting his signature Twist of Fate and Swanton Bomb.

Rating: 5/10

It was quite obvious that Orton would interrupt during this match to build towards the Cell match this Sunday. It was odd seeing Hardy fight back and it made Orton look slightly weak as he wasn't able to successfully complete the beatdown. It did give us a chance to see Nakamura, who hasn't wrestled on TV for weeks - similar to WWE Champion AJ Styles.


Charlotte requested a match with GM Paige as she thrives on competition and wanted to prove herself to her former best friend, Becky Lynch, before Sunday's title match. Deville responded to this on Twitter, not seeing it as a warm-up match herself.

Deville got in some good strikes early on but it was Flair who took control after a Big Boot sent her opponent flying out the ring. A missed Moonsault opened the door for Deville but the Champion shut it quickly and was able to lock in the Figure 8 for the submission victory.

After the match, Flair celebrated with members of the WWE Universe but was attacked by a rogue fan. Once the wig and coat were taken off, it was revealed to be Becky Lynch! The Lasskicker continued the assault and applied The Disarmher to Charlotte Flair on the ramp.

Rating: 2/10

This whole segment felt really awkward, the match included. Deville and Flair didn't work very well together inside the ring, with lots of clumsy moves occurring. Lynch saved the show and got in another good beatdown but still got cheered, something that WWE are wanting to avoid. 


After Styles' cut a short promo earlier in the evening from an empty arena, Joe responded by creating his own children's book. He read the book, which rhymed beautifully throughout, and targetted Styles' family.

Rating: 4/10

It's hard to truly describe this segment without watching it. Samoa Joe can pull off literally anything, somehow.


The winners of this tag match would face The New Day at Hell in a Cell for the Smackdown Tag Team Championships. Kofi Kingston, Big E and Xavier Woods took to their own commentary booth again to watch the match unfold ringside.

Rusev Day started the match well, including a good double team move from Aiden English and Rusev that sent English soaring over the top rope but The Bar, using their experience, were able to quell the danger shortly after. 

Rusev got the hot tag from English and locked in the Accolade but Sheamus was able to break up the pinfall and then begin the two on one assault. The Bulgarian Brute fought back, as did the Irish Sheamus but Aiden English made the ultimate sacrifice for his tag partner. Sheamus was lining up for a Brogue Kick but English pushed Rusev out the way to take the kick. Rusev was still legal and hit a Machka Kick on Sheamus for the win.

Rating: 7/10

It's refreshing to have a new team in the tag title picture, rather than The Bar again. The match itself was fun, with English looking good ahead of the biggest match of his career on Sunday. 


R-Truth was again flanked by Carmella ahead of their Mixed Match Challenge match later tonight. The match was short, with Truth getting in a fair bit of offence. However, Almas ducked and did his signature 'Tranquilo' pose on the ropes. Carmella spoiled the party and pulled Zelina Vega off the apron but this distracted Truth and opened the door for Almas who rolled up R-Truth for a quick win.

Rating: 4/10

The Truth and Carmella dynamic is interesting but this was just thrown in to advertise The Mixed Match Challenge. Almas debuted a new Handstand Headkick move that looked amazing.


Maryse's first singles match in seven years came at the end of Smackdown Live as she continues her comeback to the ring following her pregnancy.

Maryse created separation early on by using the ropes and rolling out of the ring quickly to avoid confrontation. Brie got on the mic and called Maryse a coward but then The Miz got hold of the microphone and said this city and Brie herself did not need this match. 

As the It Couple began to walk down the ramp, Brie ran after them and dragged Maryse back into the match. Bryan and Miz had verbals on the outside but inside Maryse used the distraction to Superkick Brie for a close two count. 

Brie then almost locked in a Yes Lock but The Miz dragged Brie out of the match, forcing the official to end the match. Bryan went straight in for the attack on Miz after the stoppage and flung him into the barricade.

Both couples had their strong moments but Brie and Bryan ended the show standing tall, with The Miz getting a punch from Brie and a Clothesline from Daniel. They face off in Mixed Tag action at Hell in a Cell.

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