Sasha Banks and Bayley have reacted on Twitter to Jeff Hardy's 'botched' Smackdown promo


In four days time, Jeff Hardy and Randy Orton will step inside Hell in a Cell to battle against each other.

It will be the sixth time Orton has took part in the infamous match, but for Hardy it's a maiden bout inside the demonic structure, one he's wanted for a long, long time.

Orton and Hardy's feud has already had some stomach-churning moments, such as the 'Viper' trying to rip Hardy's earlobe apart on several occasions, but what might happen in the Cell may not even compare to that.

And if Hardy takes to the roof and decides to take a leap of faith off the top, fans around the world will be saying their prayers that the daredevil will come away unscathed.

Jeff would probably even say himself that he's never been the best when it comes to talking on the microphone, and a strange moment occured on Smackdown last night when he was addressing  Orton.

At the end of the promo, Hardy said: "And after that, i'm going straight to hell," before instantly shouting: "Enjoy the show!" to the crowd at the Cajundome.

It seemed like a pretty abrupt way to finish his promo, and you can only assume that a few lines were forgotten by the 'Charismatic Enigma'.

In fact, WWE didn't even publish Hardy's show-opening ramblings to their official YouTube channel, which may tell you that things didn't really go as planned.

Jeff Hardy and Randy Orton's feud has been brutal at times, and it's finally going to be settled inside Hell in a Cell.

And the ever-mischievous Sasha Banks and Bayley took to Twitter to comment on Hardy's apparent misfortunes - and it's pretty funny.

We're sure Jeff would see the funny side, especially as the live WWE Universe in Lafayette, Louisiana seemingly didn't notice his blunder before he faced-off against Shinsuke Nakamura.

A few mis-spoken lines were probably the last thing on 'Brother Nero's' mind just days before he takes part in the most dangerous match of his career.

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