Taiwan Jones injured by hit to the head after losing helmet

Los Angeles Chargers v Buffalo Bills

The Buffalo Bills game against the Los Angeles Chargers yesterday was notable for two fairly big reasons.

The first was that the game saw Josh Allen make his first start as the Bills' starting quarterback after his selection in the first round of the draft back in April. The second, Vontae Davis shockingly deciding to retire at halftime of the game with the Bills getting beat so badly. You can read more about that here. 

There was another shocking moment from the game, however. It involved Taiwan Jones and a muffed punt return that ended with the Bills running back having blood pouring from his head. 

On a punt return, the Bills designated returner Marcus Murphy fields the ball before getting hit by the Chargers' gunner. Murphy fumbled the ball in the endzone and Jones tried to pick it up and avoid the disaster of a safety or a touchdown.

Instead, Jones had no chance of escaping the onrushing Chargers, but did manage to spin away from two defenders - the second of whom wrestled his helmet off. 

He then met Uchenna Nwosu, the big linebacker who flew in for a tackle not realising the Jones' helmet had come off and the two collided - leaving the man without his hat in serious trouble. 

Watch the play here....

Flags were thrown and Nwosu received an unnecessary roughness penalty for the hit. The play was ruled a touchback, so it didn't cost the Bills any points, but that will have been little consolation to the back with his head split.

With blood pouring from the area, Jones was immediately attended to by trainers and taken off the field. 

Los Angeles Chargers v Buffalo Bills

We sincerely hope that the injuries suffered by the tackle were the superficial cuts that required stitches - rather than any potential concussion arising from the hit.

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