The Cleveland Browns posted a brilliant tweet after winning their first game since 2016


On Thursday night, the Cleveland Browns actually won a game. 

Yes! The Browns won! For the first time in 635 days!


They beat the New York Jets 21-17 in a close affair at FirstEnergy Stadium - and it was mostly down to one man. 

Despite not actually throwing any touchdowns, rookie quarterback Baker Mayfield was electric in his NFL debut.

The 2018 top draft pick came in for the concussed Tyrod Taylor and sparked a second-half comeback. 

Mayfield threw for 201 yards, completing 17 of his 23 pass attempts and importantly, although he didn't throw any TDs, he didn't turn the ball over either. 

It was actually RB Carlos Hyde who scored the points, as he punched the ball into the end zone from close range twice in the second-half.  

Those scores, combined with two field goals and an impressive trick two-point conversion play that involved Mayfield catching the ball in the end zone, saw the Browns snap their losing streak. 

Baker Mayfield inspired the Browns to victory

Cleveland last tasted victory of the football field way back in December 2016, so when Thursday's game ended, it was time to celebrate.


Across the city, fridges full of beer opened - as Bud Light followed through on their promise of giving away free beer to long-suffering Browns fans after their team finally won a game.

But it's not just the fans that were celebrating. For almost two years, the team's official social media accounts have had to post updates and reaction to every single game lost. 

On Thursday though, the Browns' Twitter finally got to have a little bit of fun - and it's fair to say that whoever runs the page took their chance.


In response to victory over the Jets, Cleveland posted a very simple tweet, with no words - just a gif. 

Check it out below.

Yes, that is Vince McMahon reacting to a few of the game's big plays, before toppling off his chair when he realises that the Browns have actually won a game. 

Nicely done. 


With three games played in the 2018 season, Cleveland have somehow managed to win one, lose one and draw one.  

The Browns have a record of 1-1-1, but they could be 3-0

As draws are a rarity in football anyway, that record alone is pretty impressive - but arguably, the team could be 3-0. 

Those results are in the past though and now, it's time to look forward.

After finally snapping their losing streak, the Browns need to push on - and will look for a win against the Oakland Raiders next week. 

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