Sam Presti describes Steven Adams as a "game changer" for the Thunder

Steven Adams has become one of the best centers in the NBA

Steven Adams may not put up big numbers or do flashy things on the court but he is undoubtedly one of the most important players for the Oklahoma City Thunder.

The center plays a vital role for OKC with his toughness and unselfish nature. 

Since being drafted by the franchise in 2013, he's improved every year and is now a key member of their roster. 

Career year

Last season, he put up a career-high 13.9 points and 9.0 rebounds while shooting 62.9 percent from the field.

Adams isn't a player who has plays called for him or gets many touches of the ball but he's still effective in what he does. 

Within the Thunder organisation, the 25-year-old is certainly appreciated and general manager Sam Presti recently described him as their "game changer".

OKC rewarded Adams with a $100m extension in 2016

“When Steven plays like an ‘All Black’ for us, he’s a game changer, and the good thing is he’s willing to do those things that don’t get recognised,” Presti said, via Marc Hinton of The Dominion Post.

“He’s a game changer for us in controllable areas. It doesn’t have to be a hot shooting night.

"He doesn’t necessarily need someone else to get him going. He can do these things and help a team win.

“In great teams, it’s all about the grey area and things in between, and I think Steven Adams represents that.

"We expect him to take another jump this year, but just being consistent in those areas as an ‘All Black-type’ player, he affects the team and his mentality affects the team because he’s trying to do the right things all the time.”

OKC rewarded the New Zealander with a four-year, $100 million extension in 2016, which shows just how much he's valued on the team. 

Adams shot a career-high 63 percent from the field last season

He's now established himself as one of the best centers in the NBA, even though he's still underrated and overlooked in many respects. 

Alongside Russell Westbrook and Paul George, the Thunder can make a legit case for having a big three with Adams. 

If he is able to take another leap in the 2018-19 season, it'll help the Thunder hugely in their quest to win a championship. 

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