Five stars that should leave WWE to further their careers


In recent years, we have seen several WWE superstars leave the company for pastures new on their own accord.

Vince McMahon would normally keep the top talent, then release superstars that there were no more plans for, but nowadays, there are other options beside WWE.

New Japan Pro Wrestling is thriving, Ring of Honor is as good as ever for in-ring work, Lucha Underground is still going strong, and even IMPACT Wrestling has undergone a revival.

Perhaps the biggest name in the last few years to risk leaving the number one company in sports entertainment is Cody Rhodes, who jumped ship to join the Bullet Club in NJPW and RoH.

And Rhodes, along with the Young Bucks, co-promoted the smash-hit independent wrestling show All In, showing that his stock is well-and-truly still high.

With the likes of John Morrison and Wade Barrett also doing well for themselves in wrestling and the acting world, we've listed five superstars who could leave WWE.

Zack Ryder

Once one of the hottest commodities in the business, Ryder has been wasted in the last few years.

Last seen feuding with former tag team partner Mojo Rawley, Ryder's charisma led him to a huge push in 2011, earning him a United States Championship run.

Zack Ryder has been under-utilised in recent years, and could benefit from a change of scenery.

By 2012 though, Ryder had lost all his momentum despite still being a crowd favourite, but was given a huge Intercontinental Title win at WrestleMania 32, despite not originally being in the bout.

With seemingly no plans going forward, Ryder could do with a fresh start outside of the WWE.

Bray Wyatt

Speaking of wasted talents, Bray Wyatt may very well be unsalvageable now.

Wyatt had tons of momentum following his 2013 debut, but a loss to John Cena at WrestleMania 30 halted his push.

Bray Wyatt is another superstar that had so much potential, but WWE have failed to capitalise on it.

Ultimately directionless feuds with the likes of Dean Ambrose, Chris Jericho and The Undertaker followed, and it took until 2017 when Wyatt captured the WWE Championship pretty surprisingly, but a pairing with Randy Orton had given him some momentum.

All was lost though when Orton turned on him at WrestleMania 33 and took his title, and following this he feuded with Finn Balor and Matt Hardy on Raw, before teaming with the latter earlier this year.

With Hardy now sidelined though, Wyatt's aura and potential have been scuppered, meaning he may need to leave to progress.

Tye Dillinger

Dillinger organically got-over with the crowd in NXT with his 'Perfect 10' gimmick, despite initially being a heel, but by late-2016 was feuding with a heel in the form of Bobby Roode.

Never a main figure on SmackDown Live, Tye Dillinger is never going to be used as well as he could be in other promotions.

Finally debuting on the main roster in the 2017 Royal Rumble after 11 years in developmental, and aside from a few U.S. title opportunities, he's literally done nothing of note on the main roster.

Essentially a jobber to the stars, Dillinger could fare much better on the independent scene.

Tyler Breeze

Another superstar that's been lost in the shuffle on the main roster, Breeze was a popular figure on the NXT brand.

His call-up was covered on the WWE Network's Breaking Ground program, and you could tell from the reaction of the roster that it was a deserved one.

Tyler Breeze lost his tag team partner Fandango to injury, and is currently directionless on the main roster.

But until he partnered up with Fandango in 2016, Breeze did nothing of note on the main roster, and even during the team's success, the backstage segments were always more popular than their ring work.

The team has been temporarily split due to an injury to Fandango though, and with Breeze appearing at NXT house shows occasionally, surely another company who use a talent like him better?

Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson

Now this one is just sad. The Good Brothers came to WWE with a ton of momentum from New Japan Pro Wrestling along with AJ Styles, but aside from a two-month stint with the Raw Tag Team titles, they haven't been used well at all.

Split up from Styles in the 2016 Brand Split, Gallows and Anderson seemed to have no direction until their title win, and following the loss of the belts to the Hardy Boyz, they were hardly used until the end of the year.

Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson arrived in WWE in 2016 with much hype, but they've not been utilised as much as they should have been.

A partnership with former Bullet Club leader Finn Balor teased potential, but it was a damp squid and didn't last long at all.

Despite the money they'll be earning, perhaps the pair wish they were back in Japan winning titles and being stars.


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