Six unbelievable stats prove just how wrong the Oakland Raiders were to trade Kahlil Mack

On September 1, just five days before the 2018 NFL season kicked off, the Oakland Raiders traded their star player, Khalil Mack. 

In reality, they had little choice. The 2016 Defensive Player of the Year had been holding out for the entire preseason. 

But, the circumstances don’t mean that the decision was any less painful for Raiders fans – especially when they heard what deal the team got for one of the league’s biggest stars. 


In return for trading Mack and a second-round pick in the 2020 draft, Oakland received two first round picks, one for 2019 and the other for 2020 – plus future sixth and third round selections. 

Arguably, that’s pretty laughable for a player that’s been to the Pro Bowl in three of his four seasons. 

Still, though, the OL himself got a good deal, one he’d been holding out for. He signed a six-year contract worth $141 million – with $90 million guaranteed. 

In doing so, Mack became the highest paid defender in NFL history – and it seems that he’s begun paying back the Bears already.


Following a week 3 win against the Arizona Cardinals, Chicago now has a record of 2-1 and the team are currently top of the NFC North. 

The Raiders, on the other hand, are not doing well. They have a 0-3 record, losing games to the Los Angeles Rams, the Denver Broncos and the Miami Dolphins. 

Oakland are bottom of the AFC West, and this certainly isn’t how Jon Gruden expected to return to NFL coaching.

Now, the fortunes of a team are not normally just credited to one player – but when that player is Mack, the suggestion may run true. 

Especially when you take a look at some of the stats that he has put up so far this season.


After three games in Chicago, Mack has two wins, four sacks, three forced fumbles, one fumble recovery, one interception and a touchdown.

Very impressive indeed – but when you put these numbers against those of the entire Oakland defense, they become quite unbelievable. 

As a unit, the Raiders have zero wins, three sacks, one forced fumble, zero fumbles recoveries, one interception and zero touchdowns. 

Yes, you read that right. Khalil is completely outplaying the entire defense of an NFL team, one he used to play for, and one that refused to pay him. 

The Raiders were never going to come out of the Mack trade well, but when he’s embarrassing them like this, it’s even more painful.  

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