One play proves Andrew Luck isn't the same after his injury

Andrew Luck is finally back, praise be to the shoulder gods. 

The Indianapolis Colts and their fans were breathing massive sighs of relief over the preseason, when it was revealed that Luck was back in practice and in contention to take his old job back after a year out of the game. 

Luck’s return has gone pretty well so far, but there is something under the surface that came up yesterday and it should worry onlookers.

Missing Man

Despite playing the entire game beforehand, on the final play of the Colts’ 20-16 loss to the Eagles,  Luck wasn’t on the field with the rest of his starting offense.

With the Colts needing a Hail Mary to have any chance of scoring, head coach Frank Reich pulled Luck out of the game and put Jacoby Brissett under center instead.

While Brissett may be one of the better deep passers in the NFL, yes he actually was last year we’ve not gone crazy, you don’t take out your franchise quarterback unless something is wrong.

And it wasn’t hard to figure out why they took Luck out. His shoulder can’t cope.

Now, we’re not saying that Luck has a noodle arm now and he’s about to turn into 2015 Peyton Manning – the version that could barely break 250 yards a game, but it should worry fans of the Colts and those in higher positions.

If Luck can’t be trusted to get the ball the 50 yards the Colts needed to the endzone, then you have to really wonder how well his arm is?

We know that he didn’t throw a football for over a year, and that was worrisome, but is there not a big chance here that the Colts could be causing more damage to that shoulder?

Whatever is wrong with Luck’s shoulder, and it could be something big, it’s enough to make me think that he won’t be the same Andrew Luck we all enjoyed pre-injury. And that’s a big shame. 

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