Tiger Woods was a victim of a prank when he first joined up with American team


When you finally win a title after five long years, you expect to get a little love from your buddies.

They have been there for you through the ups and downs, and it goes without saying that they will be happy to see you back on the comeback trail.

That is no doubt what golfing great Tiger Woods expected when he arrived in France fresh from his victory at the Tour Championships in Atlanta, a remarkable 80th crown in his career.

After a very long and emotional weekend, he finally joined his 11 Team USA teammates for their Ryder Cup campaign this weekend late last Sunday.

Instead of a round of applause and cheers, the American met silence as he entered the room. There was not even a muttered congratulations to make him feel like one of the boys, all of whom were standing with their backs to him.

“Tiger shows up about a half-hour later and is looking for some high-fives from everybody and they wouldn’t give him the time of day,” the golfer’s longtime caddie Joe LaCava told Ryder Cup Radio, as per Golf Channel.

“They weren’t even looking at him, they all have their backs to him. He’s looking at me like what’s going on? He’s not a guy who is looking for fanfare, but these are his boys and he’s looking for 11 guys to run up and give him a good hug.”

The team continued the silent treatment for about two minutes before putting him out of his misery and congratulating him on his win, LaCava said.

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In fact, the caddie was in on the prank, which was hatched by Team USA captain Jim Furyk.

“I ran into Jim Furyk and he said, ‘We were thinking about giving Tiger the cold shoulder like they do in baseball when the guy hits his first home run.’ He asked, ‘Do you think Tiger will be OK with that?’” LaCava added.

“I was like, ‘Of course he would. He’s got a sense of humour.”

Woods will be hoping to carry his fine form into this weekend's event, with USA considered narrow favourites to retain the trophy in Paris.

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