Marshawn Lynch had a furious reaction after refs stopped potential TD run

Oakland Raiders v Miami Dolphins

Marshawn Lynch is not a man you want to get on the wrong side of, that is for sure.

Measuring in at 5'11 and 220lbs, Lynch is a demolition ball of a human being who has made it his job to absorb contact and keep on going over the course of his career in the National Football League. 

You definitely don't want to be the man to cost him his longest touchdown run of the season. And one referee learned that the hard way on Sunday as the Raiders took on the Cleveland Browns. 

In the second quarter, Lynch did what he does best: beast his way to extra yards. However, on this first-down run, the refs blew the play dead on forward progress while Lynch was still chugging along.

Cleveland Browns v Oakland Raiders

If they had let the play keep going, it would have most likely resulted in a long touchdown run for the veteran running back.

It's safe to say that the big man did not take it well.

You can check out the play here, and throw the GiveMeSport NFL twitter account a follow while you're at it. 

Lynch was furious with the refs for ending his run early. And he was right to do so. 

New NFL prerogatives put an emphasis on trying to limit as much contact as possible, which is ridiculous when you consider the sport they play and ridiculous when you consider just how much a player like Lynch loves contact.

This is Marshawn's game. He is Beast Mode. 

Lynch finished the game with 20 carries for 130 yards at an average of 6.5 yards per attempt. He also had zero scores. So now he's going to be even more annoyed with that bad call.

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