Deontay Wilder attacks Spanish mascot ahead of Tyson Fury fight

Deontay Wilder v Tyson Fury - Los Angeles Press Conference

Deontay Wilder appeared on Nacion ESPN, a Spanish speaking show, this week, promoting the upcoming December fight between Tyson Fury and himself.

Prior to facing the Gypsy King in Los Angeles, Wilder found himself getting physical with a different type of foe on the programme.

Seemingly in an attempt to make a point to Fury, Wilder attacked the mascot of the Spanish show, and also had a tussle with a rubber dummy.

The mascot, wearing a sombrero stood face-to-face with Wilder, who delivered a heavy right hand to the mascot. 

Feeling the full force of the punch, the mascot costume lost an eye due to the brutal power and force that came from the strike.

The mascot failed to stand up following the punch from the world heavyweight champion, staying down for the 10-count. 

With no Tyson Fury in the building, Wilder had to make do with the alternative opponents, this time - a rubber dummy.

Looking straight at the dummy, Wilder decided to use the opportunity to take a jab at his opponent.

"I'm gonna beat you, you little gypsy king. I'ma knock you out."

Deontay Wilder v Tyson Fury - New York Press Conference

Gypsy King is the nickname of the challenger for his championship, putting it into no doubt who Wilder was talking to when he uttered that.

The rant continued as Wilder remained in the face of the rubber dummy, still talking to Fury.

Ahead of the fight, Wilder issued a promise - promising to knock out the Brit.

Wilder continued, asking the absent Fury which foot he'd prefer to be walked over with.

"I can't wait til December the first. The people is in for a treat.

"I said I was gonna knock you out. I've just got one question. When I knock your body on the canvas, which foot do you want me to step over you with? The right or the left?"

Wilder reminded everyone why he was there, continuing to promote the fight on December 1, just after slapping the dummy impersonating Tyson Fury.

The bizarre moment certainly got people talking and interested in the fight. 

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