Fernando Alonso has his say on Mercedes' team orders from the Russian Grand Prix


Fernando Alonso recently discussed the use of team orders by Mercedes in Russia, commenting on the critics of the decision.

Alonso has suggested that there is possibly an underlying reason for people to be critical of the decision, and that is jealousy of the team's current position and good standing in Formula One.

The Russian Grand Prix saw a rather controversial request made by Mercedes.

Valtteri Bottas was asked to move over to allow Lewis Hamilton to get through, a request that led to a lot of debate and discussion by fans of Formula One.

Ultimately, the decision did allow Hamilton to obtain a 50-point gap over Sebastian Vettel, still with five races to go.

The decision was defended by the team, including boss Toto Wolff commenting that he'd rather be the "baddie" during the season, as opposed to the "idiot" at the end of it.

A decision from Mercedes to not allow its drivers to race was always going to be met with critical opinions.

Alonso, however, has recently come out with his own thoughts on people's critical opinions.

"Every team responds differently, but when you do are first and second, you are world champion four times in a row, both drivers' and constructors' and this year you are leading the world championship, all they say about Mercedes is jealousy."

F1 Grand Prix of Russia

Brushing off discussing the actual situation at hand, Alonso cited pure jealousy as being the only reason for Mercedes' decision being controversial.

Discussing the achievements that the team have had, including multiple world championship reigns, Alonso is pretty adamant in his belief that jealousy is reigning supreme.

"They are not doing things wrong when they are the great dominators of this sport.

"For them, what people say goes in one ear and out the other. It seems they are not doing badly, what they are doing."

Alonso, who is scheduled to leave Formula One at the end of the year continued, suggesting that the dominance presented by Mercedes was a clear indicator that what the team is doing is correct and not wrong. 

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