Tony Bellew reacts to Khabib Nurmagomedov-Conor McGregor post-fight antics


Conor McGregor made his return to the Octagon after a two-year absence last night, taking up probably the toughest test of his pro career in challenging Khabib Nurmagomedov at UFC 229.

The reigning lightweight champion Nurmagomedov, determined to settle scores with the Irishman for the bus incident back in April 2018, entered the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas and delivered exactly what he said he would do during the lead up to the fight.

Playing to his strengths, relying on his exquisite grappling skills, Nurmagomedov had the upper hand against McGregor from round one.

Although McGregor survived the initial onslaught from his counterpart, he looked visibly exhausted as the rounds progressed.

Nurmagomedov dominated McGregor on the ground, mauling the former champion and successfully defending his title via fourth round submission in the biggest fight in UFC history.

But, it was the incident that happened during the aftermath of the contest which has been the highlight since its conclusion.

All hell broke loose in and around the arena after McGregor tapped out to the rear-naked choke inside the ring.

Seconds after the end of the fight, Khabib headed straight towards McGregor’s team, jumped the cage and attacked a member of the Irishman’s camp.

Situations further escalated as an unidentified person leaped the Octagon wall and started punching McGregor.

UFC 229: Khabib v McGregor

Security personnel quickly intervened the scene as police restrained a number of fans present at the venue in order to control the chaos that erupted to everyone’s surprise.

Like many, British professional boxer Tony Bellew has expressed his view on the entire turn of events that unfolded in Las Vegas.

The Merseyside fighter took to social media, specifically targeting his rage in the direction of Khabib and his team for the mayhem.

Bellew wrote on Twitter: “Khabib is a disgrace and so are his team!! Dogs and cowards his team are for trying to steal it on Connor! Truly disgusting and I hope Khabib and his people are banned for this! Disgraceful..”

He further criticised the incident of the attack on McGregor post-fight, terming it as a cowardly gesture.

“This coward jumping the cage is a disgrace! The bus has been and gone! This man has just been in a very hard fight and this man has just tried to steal it on him with a bare knuckle! He’s a coward whoever he is! An absolute DOG! UFC have to deal with this!” Bellew captioned the short video-clip of the moment.

“Conor lost the fight fair and square yes.. Not a chance in the world he deserves to be attacked by 2 men! One in front and one from behind! Both bare knuckle after he’s just been fighting for 20 mins anyway! It’s a disgrace! People bringing up the bus incident? No comparison!”

It remains to be seen what decisions are taken by the authority in relation of the events that transpired on the night, but, nonetheless, Khabib continued his undefeated run with a brilliant record of 27-0, while McGregor considers his options ahead after a comeback that didn’t end as he would have wished.

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